10 indoor plants that add an elegant touch to your home

It is proven that plants make any place a pleasant environment, full of life, with pleasant colors and aromas for those who usually or frequent, but it is not a secret that there are some plants that in closed places are usually more difficult to care for, that in an open space grow and bloom much more beautiful.

This can happen because perhaps we are not selecting the right plants to have in a closed space, specifically in a house or apartment. Well, these are places where there is not much sun, where the wind is not frequent and of course, there is no rainwater.

So thinking about this, we want to share with you a list of 10 perfect plants to grow healthy and beautiful in an interior, which give life, color and above all, a touch of elegance that is essential for your home.

1-Sword of Saint George 

The sword of San Jorge, is also known in some places as sanseviera, tiger’s tail, mother-in-law’s tongue or tiger’s tongue, it is an ideal plant for closed places, where not much light enters or even for people who do not know much about it. theme, because its care is basic and simple, so it will grow well in any pot that you adapt in your home. This plant gives a special touch to houses and rooms thanks to the color and shape of its leaves, it is a very special plant that in the culture of Feng Shui has come to have a certain recognition for attracting good luck to the space where it is located. find.

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The Fern is a beautiful, abundant, old and very popular plant in homes, you can have it in a pot on the ground, on a surface such as a table or even hanging. Despite being a plant that needs moisture and plenty of water, it does not need much light, therefore you just have to be careful that it does not dry out, one of the places in the house that most favors it are the bathrooms. Ferns are said to help relieve menstrual cramps and to have expectorant properties that help relieve and prevent nasal congestion.

3-Adam’s Rib 

The Adam’s Rib or delicious mostera has this particular rib shape, due to which it is attributed that name. It is a plant that needs water, which in a closed space it is advisable to have near a window, and if it is one where the sun arrives, even better. If the time in open spaces you may see that flowers sprout, but this does not happen when they are indoors. An advantage that you will notice if you have this plant in your home is that having such large leaves, it will immediately make a place look much larger.

4-Aloe plant 

The aloe vera or aloe plant is very popular for its multiple properties that benefit digestion in the body and also for its benefits in terms of beauty, since it is very functional for skin problems or those related to hair and nails. Having it in the home can be very functional and an excellent way to decorate, since its plants are very showy, require water once a week and seek a lot of sun.

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Peperomia is a plant that has a long variety of different types of leaves, they can make variations in colors, shape and lines, they are ideal for interiors because they do not usually exceed 20 centimeters. Its care at home is very simple, you only need to put it in a place where there is light and water, they usually have flowers in the season from July to October.


The ribbon, love bow or malambre is a beautiful plant, very striking, that will look very good in your home, its care is basic, you only need to place it in a place with light and water it approximately twice a week, however, You can go looking at that, because you must avoid puddles of water from forming. It is a plant that can be adapted to any environment and although it is recommended to put it where it is light, avoid direct sunlight because it could put its yellow leaves.

7-Living room palm tree

This plant will surely be familiar to you, because the living room palm is one of the most popular in both interior and exterior decoration, it is a beautiful plant, with long green leaves that can grow up to two meters and although it does not need lots of light, it does need humidity. One of its properties that helps eliminate toxins from the environment, therefore it will help you breathe better.

8-Jade Tree 

This beautiful plant with thick and strong leaves, not only adapts very well to different places in your home, but also gives it a striking appearance with details that cannot be overlooked even if it is a small plant. It may not need a lot of water, you can even leave it home for 15 days, but if it is going to be important that you put it in the light several hours during the day, at least four.

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9-fine leaf dracena 

This plant will give an elegant and spacious touch to your spaces, since it is usually a very tall plant, with long leaves. It will adapt to any light condition you put on it and you should only water it when the soil looks dry, but never leaving its base waterlogged. The only thing you should keep in mind when taking it home is that its leaves can be toxic to dogs and cats, so you must be very careful with that.


Ficus is a beautiful plant that will give life and color to your spaces, it will adapt very easily to any space, just try to get a little light and if it is sunny, bring it closer from time to time so that the rays hit it a bit, but not much, just a couple of hours a day. You can water it approximately once a week.

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