10 tips to enjoy Christmas (and the rest of the year)

Enjoying Christmas seems like a difficult mission in some circumstances. We give you 10 guidelines for you to achieve this Christmas, but valid for the whole year.

Now that the Christmas holidays are approaching, surely everything you are going to do these days begins to be going through your head. You start to think about certain obligations that you will have to fulfill and also about certain whims that you and your loved ones can enjoy. There will be things that you like to do and others that you hate or just want to avoid. There are also those that although you may wish with all your heart, it is impossible for them to happen or they are simply not within your reach or do not depend on you.

In our culture the Christmas spirit is very established as a time of peace, joy, tranquility, prosperity and projects for the future and good will. In this short period of time, as our feelings of love grow and our hearts open, our resentment, anger or resentment towards certain people or certain circumstances that have happened to us in recent months also intensify. We experience how all these feelings and emotions are on the surface.

When you take stock of the good and the bad that you have experienced in the last year, how many good and bad things appear in your memories? Which ones do you find the hardest to remember and which ones have you already forgotten about?

We tend to remember much more easily those that have been especially negative to us and we focus on pain and suffering most of the time, forgetting to celebrate and enjoy all the positive things we have experienced.

The 10 guidelines to enjoy Christmas

This time I give you 10 guidelines to keep in mind to make these days a little more bearable for yourself and for others.

1. Focus on what you want and not what you fear

We are very good at remembering our fears and this causes us to become blocked. Our mind freezes without being able to act on it, or we respond with words or actions that lead us to make the situation worse.

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By shifting our focus to our real need, we will be planting that seed in order to be able to successfully reap our desires.

2. Ask for what you need

We are used to assuming and taking for granted that others are well aware of our wants and needs. In most cases it is mere fiction, which takes us away from reality. Act with humility and put pride aside.

On these dates when our predisposition to help others increases exponentially, take advantage of the occasions to communicate your needs. It will be of great help to you in the near future. If you receive a NO as an answer, accept it and keep looking for another occasion.

3. Don’t assume, ask

Assumptions lead us to make mistakes in most cases. When you have doubts about how to act or what decisions to make, do not anticipate. Be humble. Ask for advice. Ask the person or people involved for their opinion or opinion. This will help you clarify your doubts and clarify your decisions, saving you considerable time and energy waste.

4. Practice detachment

Attachment is not synonymous with love and gratitude but fear and fear and has dependence and control as partners. I know that it may not be easy for you to understand it because we have it very installed in us and integrating it takes time and training. When you see a resistance to something or someone, analyze its true origin.

5. Free yourself from guilt

Using guilt as a resource does not lead to any possible solution. When we blame ourselves for something or someone makes us feel guilty, we remain immersed in the middle of the conflict. We also tend to fall into the trap of looking to blame in certain circumstances and situations since this makes us feel liberated.

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Changing guilt for responsibility helps us to see different options of the situation and to differentiate what depends and what does not depend on me. One of the main characteristics of responsibility is that of responding skillfully. And remember that we are influencing any situation even when we freeze and do nothing.

6. Live your pain

It is at this time that scenes from our past appear, marked with great pain. Live your pain But don’t let it turn into suffering

Take your time alone to externalize all these types of sensations and try to keep it for a short time. You can cry, meditate, walk, read, review photos, talk with a friend or start writing about the subject in question. This will help you make the load more bearable and this state will gradually lighten in your life.

Napoleon said that the worst battle is the one you have with yourself and I think he was right.

7. Enjoy the present

We spend much of our time mulling over the past or worrying about our future and we forget to live and enjoy the present moment. The present is the only reality we have. We cannot change the past or act on it anymore. The only thing at our disposal is the present moment and it is the only thing we can influence to plant the seeds of our future in it. But it often happens that the present moment is the great forgotten.

8. Show your gratitude

Be grateful and accept all the gratifications they give you. The latter is another practice that we have forgotten since we underestimate ourselves and do not consider ourselves deserving of gratitude.

Warmly accept each gesture, each hug, each gift, each thank you that comes to you and receive them with all the affection. We are much more used to giving than to receiving and that is why in most cases it happens to us that when we receive a gratification it conditions us to respond in the same way. This is not like this. You don’t have to feel obligated to anything.

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Each person shows their gratitude in a different way. Show yours congruent with your way of being. Accept and recognize that the greatest satisfactions are in the small details: a call, a hug, a message, share a coffee … Just show your gratitude in your own way.

9. Celebrate your successes

Take some time to celebrate with yourself and in good company your latest achievements. It is another practice that we have commonly forgotten and that helps us improve and reinforce our self-esteem. Fill yourself with all that satisfaction that comes from having achieved a goal or being on the way to achieving those things that are truly important in your life.

10. Feel happy today

Happiness is nothing more than an internal state. Trying to find happiness outside of yourself is a tremendous, fleeting and volatile mistake. All of us feel this state in our lives. The difficult thing is to maintain it and for that we also need training.

Define everything that happiness is for you. Squeeze your head to the max. Make your day to day more and more soaked in these kinds of emotions and feelings that make you be and be happy. I guarantee that if you do, your life will follow the path of happiness. Someone said: “there is no way to happiness, happiness makes the way.”

Be happy and enjoy Christmas! I accompany you.

Maybe you haven’t realized it yet … or maybe you haven’t even really stopped to think about it. But… you know?… You and only you are responsible for your own life… You and only you can and should be happy.
You may have to learn it, but… don’t you think it’s worth it? Why don’t you forget:
“You and only you are the protagonist of your own life.”
Lewis Carroll.
Alice in Wonderland

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