10 Types of pull-ups, What is each of them for?

10 Types of pull-ups

type of pull-up : Pull-ups are one of the most effective exercises for challenging your upper body, but when it comes to getting the best results there are a lot of variations you can try. Among them we have highlighted 10 types of pull-ups that will definitely increase the intensity of each routine.

Interspersing these variations in your workouts will allow you to strengthen your lats, mid back, rear delts, biceps, forearms, and core. In addition, by recruiting different muscles you will avoid overuse injuries. Remember that it is key to follow the correct technique so that each movement is safe and effective, that is why below we teach you general rules for each type of pull-up and what each of them is for.

1-Dominated kipping

In this exercise popularized by CrossFit and momentum is used to help bring the body towards the bar. Once you perfect your technique, they are a great way to develop strong lats, broad shoulders, and a powerful grip. Complete the desired number of reps, just try these steps.

  • Grab the barbell overhead with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Pull your legs back so that your body can form a kind of arch.
  • Now forcefully pull your legs forward, while swinging your body towards the bar.

2-Dominated around the world

This type of pull-up puts more load on your muscles than a traditional one, being a good step if you want to move toward the one-arm pull-up. It consists of pulling the body up to one side and then through the bar to the other side, all of this before returning to the starting position. In addition, you can complete this exercise in any direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

  • Start with an overhead grip with your hands wider than your shoulders.
  • Pull the body to the right hand, then bring the body through the bar to the left.
  • Return to the starting position and continue the movement to the same side or you can change it.
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3-Close grip pull-up

This is an exercise that better emphasizes the muscles of the arms. However, you should not worry, as you will continue to hit the main muscles of the back, you will still be activating the rhomboids, lower traps, middle and serratus posterior superior. Don’t forget to keep a controlled movement.

  • Use an overhand grip slightly narrower than shoulder width.
  • Pull up in one smooth motion so that the bar touches the lower neck.
  • Lower yourself in a controlled manner until your arms are extended and repeat the exercise.

4-Wide grip pull-up

This chin-up variation emphasizes the back muscles to a greater extent than the close grip variation, this is because the distance in which you must bring your body towards the bar is shorter. It’s great for the outside of your back, as those muscles are activated and fired to help lift your body.

  • Use an overhand grip wider than the shoulder grip.
  • Pull up in one smooth motion so that the bar grazes the lower part of your neck.
  • Lower yourself in a controlled motion until your arms are straight and repeat.

5-dominated weighted

There are a number of ways you can add weight to this exercise, whether it’s a vest, a belt with a chain for hanging dishes, or a dumbbell over your crisscrossed legs. Low-rep heavy sets can activate different muscle fiber groups, leading you to greater mass and strength.

  • If the bar is too high you can use a bench, box or any stable object.
  • Using your chosen weight, step up onto the bench and reach the bar with the desired grip.
  • Now begin to perform the movement to complete several pull-ups.
  • You can customize the exercise according to your preferences and goals.
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6-Dominated with mixed grip

In this variation of chin-ups, one hand is used with a grip in pronation and the other with a grip in supination. It is a two-in-one movement, where you work biceps and back, in addition to the core that is forced to stabilize the torso and keep it straight. This means that you will also have a bit of abdominal work.

  • Spread your hands shoulder-width apart with opposite grips.
  • Pull toward the bar so that it rubs against the bottom of your neck.
  • Lower until your arms are straight and repeat.
  • Here you can alternate sets, varying which hand is under and over.

7-Dominated in L

This exercise requires good core strength as well as flexibility to keep your legs parallel to the ground as you approach the bar and resist on the way back during each rep.

  • Hang from the bar with an overhand grip and with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Raise your legs so they are parallel to the ground and perpendicular to your torso.
  • While keeping your legs straight pull up on the bar.
  • Go back down and repeat the exercise as many times as you want.

8-Dominated archer

In this chin-up variation, you will be adding a significant amount of resistance with body weight alone. You want to go up high enough so that your upper chest is in line with the bar.

  • Use a wide grip and lift your body high.
  • Now bring your body towards your right hand, while you extend your left arm.
  • Repeat to the left side while extending the right arm to the side
  • Go back down and continue the movement for several repetitions.
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9-Dominada muscle up

This is a similar exercise to the chin-up kipping, as you will need to use some momentum to bring your body up until your arms are completely straight. Although the technique is difficult to master, you will learn to effectively move your hips, trunk, shoulders, chest, and triceps once you get it right.

  • Start with an overhand grip slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • Pull your legs back slightly and then pull your chest hard over the bar.
  • When your chest is above the bar, extend your arms so that your waist is almost in line with the bar and your body is still above it. Go back down using momentum and repeat.

10-Towel dominated

Aside from building the arm, back, and core muscles, this type of pull-up is very effective for grip strength. You will have to work hard to keep your hands from slipping as you complete the rep.

  • Place a towel on the bar so that both sides are the same length.
  • Now lift your body while maintaining the grip, remember to use a sturdy towel.
  • Lower yourself to the starting position and continue the movement several times.