13 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good for Your Health and …

Chocolate is one of everyone’s favorite foods, due to its flavor and aroma, but what properties does it give us? Here are 13 reasons to consume more chocolate, although remember that everything in excess is bad!

  • Dark chocolate and cocoa contain an antioxidant called flavonol, which controls blood sugar levels and can prevent diseases such as hypoglycemia and diabetes.
  • For women it is a great aphrodisiac as it increases sexual libido.
  • Everyone remembers that chocolate is a nice touch when in love, chocolate contains a substance called phenylethylamine which is known as the molecule of love. Produced by the brain when in love and generates feelings of euphoria and pleasure.
  • Believe it or not, chocolate takes care of teeth, it contains theobromine which is responsible for protecting the teeth from developing possible cavities. They remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as there they have it.
  • Dark chocolate is capable of activating the circulation of your body, it has a substance called epicatechin, which is responsible for improving blood flow and strengthening the walls of the brain.
  • What food has more than 500 ingredients? Well, chocolate for that reason its unique and incomparable flavor.
  • Chocolate has substances such as theobromine and caffeine, they are capable of stimulating the nervous system, generating a feeling of well-being and activation of the body.

  • Chocolate contains serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that generates feelings of happiness and pleasure in people.
  • Contains antioxidants which helps fight old age.
  • Contains calcium, which prevents osteoporosis, magnesium which helps maintain healthy muscles, iron and zinc to combat anemia.
  • Contains vitamin B1 and magnesium, which nourish, stimulate, hydrate and provide elasticity to the hair.
  • Chocolate is used for skin treatments thanks to its antioxidants and moisturizers which can combat dryness, cellulite and skin blemishes.
  • Chocolate has magnesium and for this reason it is recommended for women with premenstrual syndrome, as they need this mineral.
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Now you have more reasons to consume chocolate, the only thing left to think about is that you should not abuse it as it can be a double-edged sword.

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