4 Natural oils to take care of your skin and hair

Natural oils are an excellent alternative to care, hydrate, nourish, protect, regenerate, repair, and illuminate our skin, their nutritional and therapeutic properties contribute to both the health and the aesthetics of our body.

Natural oils not only protect our skin, but penetrate to its deepest layers to fully regenerate and offer magnificent properties anti-aging and firmingThe constant application of many of them, in addition, allows to control the signs of conditions such as acne and the formation of stretch marks, scars and other imperfections that can alter the elasticity and appearance of our body.

Discover the best natural oils for your skin and hair

Coconut oil

This oil delicacy not only provides benefits for our body, but also has important properties to take care of the skin. Coconut oil provides real and deep hydration, helps to reinforce the inner layers of the skin and promotes the elimination of dead cells on the outside that make the skin appear dry and rigid, so that you hydrate in depth, the ideal is to apply it after the shower with the skin still wet you will notice the change, it is also useful as a hair moisturizer.

To use it you just have to apply a little coconut oil on the hair, from the roots to the ends, on the face, you can use it in the same way as you would with a normal moisturizer, even if it has a very greasy appearance, it is absorbed very quickly, one tablespoon is enough for the whole body, its creamy appearance allows the whole body to hydrate with a small amount.

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A tip to take better advantage of the benefits of coconut oil is to use organic or extra virgin.

Almond oil

This oil and its delicious smell have been transcended from generation to generation, providing hydration to the skin and preventing it from losing water, generating a soft and hydrated skin, being less exposed to external aggressions, improving the elasticity of the skin, which helps to prevent stretch marks, deflates skin irritations due to the presence of zinc, a mineral that reduces acute inflammatory processes. It also offers antioxidants and vitamin E, almond oil recovers damaged hair and reduces volume. Ideally, apply shampoos and masks with almond oil in their formula, since the direct application of the oil can leave the hair looking greasy.

The best time to apply the oil is after you shower, the pores are open and their absorption is deeper, so that you protect your skin from stretch marks, apply the almond oil and massage with the fists of your hands in a circular way, for 5 minutes, so you make sure that the oil spreads evenly.

Jojoba Oil

This oil has a series of beneficial properties for both the hair and the skin of the body, is a moisturizing oily extract with emollient, moisturizing, antioxidant and soothing characteristics, its unsaturated fatty acids help to renew the outer layers of skin cells, favoring water retention while maintaining the required level of hydration, effective in very dry skin , the moisturizing power of jojoba helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, as it maintains a plump skin. On the other hand, the high presence of antioxidant vitamins C and E in addition to vitamins A, B and B1, contribute to the neutralization of free radicals and prevent their further formation.

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It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, which is why it helps soothe minor skin irritations, regulates the secretion of the sweat glands, and serves to regulate the secretion of oil on the scalp.

Add jojoba oil to your daily face and body moisturizer. Add just three drops of the oil to a small amount of moisturizer in the palm of your hand, then spread the cream over your face and body as usual.

Argan oil

This oil can be used both on the skin and on the hair, it is moisturizing due to its high presence of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins C or E, also known as tocopherol, and other essential nutrients, take care of the different layers of the skin. In addition, as they are antioxidants, it neutralizes free radicals and prevents their formation if you apply it daily, the antioxidant action of vitamins helps to restore the natural metabolism, reducing wrinkles, improving the condition of the skin and keeping it soft and smooth, penetrates easily and does not clog pores, it significantly reduces stretch marks having healing effects.

Argan oil adds shine and strength to the scalp, hydrates it and as a result, hair with the ideal volume is obtained.

You can apply pure argan oil to your skin as a daily moisturizer if you have dry skin. It is especially recommended to apply after getting out of the shower for best results.

To show off silky hair, apply the oil to the hair while it is still damp from roots to ends or you can apply it only to ends if you prefer, it has a tendency to greasy quickly, the ideal is to apply it before going to bed, it will deeply hydrate your hair and scalp.

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