4 things behind your food cravings

It is quite common to hear many people talk about how they have missed a healthy eating style due to anxiety, but why does it happen? According to psycho-nutrition specialists, this feeling of anxiety indicates how you have allowed a long time to pass without listening to the needs of your body-mind.

What ends up being a warning, emergency signal or invitation for you to look at yourself and be able to detect what deficiencies you are having. This can cause you to take refuge in food to the point where you cannot control it and your life becomes a mess. There are several factors that can cause this anxiety, for example:

1-A bad relationship you same

The way you talk to yourself, dedicate time exclusively to yourself, consent to yourself or, on the contrary, you demand the most of yourself, is how you can analyze the relationship you have with yourself. That is, if most of the time you listen to yourself there are only criticisms and negative aspects.

You do not dedicate quality time to yourself, you do not pay attention to the manifestations of your body and continue as if nothing, it is likely that the feeling of anxiety will arrive very soon. When food appears it becomes a way to distract you from what is happening.

2-High levels of  stress

Stress is a natural response of your body in that it prepares you for a difficult situation, which can help improve concentration. But when this type of situation becomes a constant in your life, cortisol levels get too high and it ends up being harmful to health. In other words, your body relates it to danger and anxiety will be activated, causing you to find refuge in food, this becomes a time when you stop fighting to find peace.

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3- Dissatisfaction with life

Remember that anxiety to eat is the signal from your body-mind indicating that something is wrong, this can be the cause of dissatisfaction with life, not feeling complete or fulfilled at the point where you are. In other words, feeling stuck in a routine where you do not meet your needs can make you turn to food to generate the fullness and satisfaction that you cannot find.

4-Difficulties in interpersonal relationships

Many people find it difficult to express what they think, feel and need from the other person, which can lead to a state of anxiety. Where everything revolves around the idea that you do not receive what you want and the environment becomes hostile. So food helps to mask that series of conflicts that you do not want or can face, consuming food all the time becomes a way in which you can feel the relief that you do not get with other people or with yourself.

To keep in mind 

It is not about fighting or controlling hunger, what you really need is to learn to listen to the internal signals and nurture them in a way in which food does not take the greatest role. Although maintaining an eating style is key, you should not leave aside other aspects of your life that also need attention.

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