5 Essential Oils For Pain Relief That Actually Work in 2019


If you are looking for the best essential oils for pain relief, then you have come to the right place. Pain can weaken you and cause additional stress and anxiety in your day. In other words, It disturbs our concentration, breaks us, and can make upset us.

You will able to find many products that help you to get relief from pain. But, the essential oil is beneficial than any other product. In short, always you can use essential oils as a stand-alone product for pain relief.

But keep in mind that before using essential oils for your pain, always be sure to check skin sensitivity with your health care provider. You need to use essential oils with caution because Essential oils are far stronger than dried herbs. However, just like any other medicine, essential oils can be harmful if you don’t use them carefully or adequately.

Therefore, here, I have prepared a list of essential oils for pain that you can use in your everyday life.


Lavender Essential Oil for pain



Lavender has taken its name from the Latin Levani. People treat Lavender as the most useful and versatile oil. Fragrant flowers of the lavender plant are used to extract the Lavender essential oil. If I tell you that you can use Lavender oil almost for everything, it is not wrong. Also, People have recognized Lavender essential oil as a general cure-all. For example, It is very beneficial for burns, for bruises, and scars.

Also, due to its high healing power, people use Lavender essential oil for healing wounds. For instance, Lavender oil is beneficial for skin problems like cracked skins.

Also, you can use Lavender essential oil for headaches. When you use Lavender essential oil for your pain, gently massage the affected area after applying the Lavender oil.


Rosemary Essential Oil as a Natural Pain Relief



People widely use Rosemary in cooking, flavoring, and perfumery. Although Rosemary is famous as a food seasoning, it is one of the most popular aromatic and medicinal plants in the whole world.

Ancient people have used Rosemary essential oil in folk medicine. For that reason, many scientists are currently testing their potential health benefits. Preliminary evidence suggests that rosemary oil can help reduce tissue inflammation that can cause swelling, pain, and stiffness. People also have found that Rosemary essential oil is beneficial in bronchial asthma, joint and muscle aches, ulcers, heart diseases, infections, liver diseases, diabetes, and cancer.


Ginger Essential Oil For Everyday Uses

People use the root of Ginger to extract Ginger Essential Oil or Ginger Root Oil. Furthermore, with the help of the distillation process of the fresh or dried ginger root, it is possible to obtain an aromatically superior oil.

However, for many years, people have used ginger root in traditional medicine for its ability to soothe inflammation, colds, fevers, menstrual disorders, respiratory disorders, nausea,  stomach upset arthritis, and rheumatism. However, to obtain the best and optimal results mix the ginger essential oil with orange or lavender essential oils.


Clove Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Like all the above natural essential oil, Clove Essential Oil is extracted from the buds and stems of the plant. Even though people use Clove as a ground household spice, you can use Clove essential oil for pain too.

Clove essential oil contains the chemical compound called eugenol. As a result, many people know the therapeutic qualities of clove oil against toothache and other dental pains. That is the situation where most people use Clove essential oils to get relief from the pain. Also, various studies have proven that we can use Clove essential oil to treat arthritis. You can use Clove essential oil in several different ways. For example, you can dilute it with a carrier oil and then massage onto affected areas, add to a bath, or inhale aromatically.

Peppermint Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Also, the Peppermint tree is native to Europe. The essential oil of peppermint is extracted from the peppermint plant. The peppermint essential oil contains menthol, menthone, and methyl esters. Certainly, this is one of the best essential oils that you can use for your pain.

The menthol that you can find in the oil is also a cooling agent that works to relieve the pain and discomfort of the muscles and joints. Before applying for a larger area, it is advised to apply Peppermint essential oil to a small area to see the reactions because that will help you to avoid irritations. In short, the essential oil of Peppermint is one of the most potent pain relief that you need to keep in your home.

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