5 exercises to improve and work on leg flexibility

When training, we often tend to focus our attention on gaining muscle mass. However, it is important to increase the body’s flexibility, as not doing so may increase the chance of injury. As we get older, we lose flexibility, but there are ways to combat this. Here are a few leg flexibility exercises that will be very useful for your purpose.

leg flexibility exercises

A good stretching plan to increase leg flexibility

Before going on to talk about the exercises, we must emphasize the importance of a good stretching plan. Warming up at the beginning of a sports practice prevents injuries, so it is essential to incorporate it into your routine.

On the other hand, if you really want to increase flexibility, you have to be consistent. It won’t do you any good to stretch a lot in one day if you don’t do the exercises for more than a week. That’s why you have to be disciplined and always set aside time for your purpose.

Likewise, it is not useful to hold the movements for only five seconds. Try to hold them for 20 to 30 seconds to see a real evolution in the flexibility of your legs.

Finally, and now we come to the exercises, we must recommend that you go to a professional. If you do not feel able to do the exercises on your own and you see that you can hurt yourself, do not give up on your goal. There are sports professionals who can make sure that you do each movement well.

Now, given the importance of increasing the flexibility of your limbs, here are some exercises.


For this exercise you have to lie on your back. Then lift one of your legs, always keeping it straight. Hold it while you raise your trunk upwards and bring it closer to you. When you lower one leg, raise the other, but make sure that neither leg touches the floor at any time.

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Exercise to increase knee flexibility

The first thing to do is to find a chair or any other object you have at hand that can help you keep your balance. Then bend one of your legs backwards and grab the foot with one of your hands, keeping it more or less at the height of your buttocks. Pull it until you feel the heel brush against your gluteus, here you should be able to feel your quadriceps stretch. When you finish, move on to stretch the other leg.

This stretch, as you have seen, helps you increase flexibility in both your quads and knees.

Hurdle stretch

It’s so called because you can do it standing and leaning on a fence. However, this is an exercise that you can also do sitting on the floor, using the usual mat. Choose the option that is most comfortable for you and go on to do these movements.

Leave one leg behind and stretch the other leg forward, without bending the knee. The next step is to pull your body forward from the hips. The goal is to get your abdomen as close to your knee as possible. You should also reach to grab your foot with your hands, stretching it towards you. Continue with the other leg when you’re done.

If you are a beginner, it is easy to tend to bend your knee. Try to avoid this and go as far as you can. I’m sure you’ll be able to go a little further every day.

leg flexibility exercises

Quadriceps and Calf Stretch

This is a fairly complete exercise that helps you increase the flexibility of your legs. Plus, it’s not too difficult, so it’s perfect if you’re just starting out.

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To do it you need to be leaning against a wall. Standing, bring one leg forward and form a 90-degree angle while keeping the other leg fully straight. Then you will have to rest your hands on the wall and bring your back leg further and further back, until you feel the pressure on your calves. All you have to do is keep your back straight, keep the 90-degree angle with one leg, and stretch the other leg further and further without taking your foot off the floor. As we said in the previous exercise, do not worry if you can not force much at first. You just have to be constant to notice the evolution.

Stretching for hamstrings

Let’s finish your training routine with an exercise for the hamstrings. This will increase elasticity and get rid of that annoying feeling of stiffness.

You have to stand up and put your legs straight. Then go down, always keeping your back straight, without bending your knees. The goal is to touch your feet with your hands, but go as far as you can and try to go a little further each day. Do this movement first forward and then sideways.

These have been some leg flexibility exercises you can do to improve elasticity. Nowadays there are many sedentary jobs that are not the best for our fitness. Stiffness ends up taking over at the end of the day after spending eight hours sitting. That’s why it’s important to do what you can to increase your flexibility. Also, always keep in mind that being flexible helps you suffer fewer injuries.

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As you can see, the leg flexibility exercises we have suggested are not very difficult. You just have to be patient and strive to achieve a better result every day. We are sure you will succeed, so don’t forget to download your infographic!