5 herbs and aromatic plants that help keep flies away

Flies are one of the most annoying and common insects in different environments. Although there are a variety of products on the market that deal with this problem, for many, using chemicals is not a good option and as always nature offers you the solution. In what way? through a variety of plants, including aromatic ones, which not only repel insects, they also decorate your space and give it a pleasant aroma.

These are some of the herbs and aromatic plants that can offer you several functions at the same time, they are absinthe, lavender, bay leaf, sweet basil and citronella. Choose the one that suits the place where you live, for example the climate and soil conditions, remember that before taking any plants home it is important to do a little research on them and their care. In such a way that your choice suits your needs.


Called Artemisia absinthium it is a medicinal herbaceous plant of the Artemisia genus, native to the regions of Europe, Asia and North Africa, being best known for its role in the distillation of absinthe. It is characterized by having a beautiful silvery green color, with a velvety appearance thanks to the trichomes that cover its leaves and stems. It is easy to grow and its oils are a natural repellent for different pests, among which flies, moths, ants, mice and mosquitoes stand out.


Called Lavandula angustifolia, it is one of the most used plants for the decoration and manufacture of flavoring essences, being the main ingredient in toiletries and perfumery, as well as in home remedies to relax and fall asleep. But these small purple flowers also manage to fight different insects, for example fleas, moths, mosquitoes and the famous flies.

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3-Sweet basil

Called Ocimum basilicum, it is one of the most popular pungent-scented herbs in gardens and kitchens around the world. It is grown in tropical climates, it is low growing, between 30 and 130 cm with oval leaves. But it is not only excellent for cooking and because of its aroma, it is on our list of favorite plants, since you can use it as a great repellent for flies and mosquitoes.


Laurus nobilis is another great option to fight pests naturally and practically without realizing it. Not only does it repel flies, you can use it to ward off moths from the cupboards you have at home, as well as mice and cockroaches from the pantry. Even to keep insects out of grains and cereals. They can also be dried and placed near doors, windows, or in grain bags.

5 Citronella herb

Called Cymbopogon nardus it is one of the best known and used natural options as an insect repellent in the industry and that is why it is on the list for you to have in your garden. Unlike the lemongrass used in many Asian cuisines, citronella is too strong to be palatable and should not be used in cooking.

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