5 ways to loosen your hips and define your waist with Belly Dance

Belly Dance or belly dance is an activity that you can practice to feel more sensual, while improving flexibility and defining the waist a bit. Remember that keeping your body more active can provide many health benefits and dancing is a great option as you might enjoy it too.

Dancing regularly is associated with a better sense of balance, increased stamina, a stronger immune system, helps you sleep better, reduces stress, and attending classes allows you to be in contact with other people. It also reduces the risk of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Do not forget that like any exercise, some precautions must be taken into account, it is recommended to warm up with some stretching exercises. In the same way, make sure that the positions are correct, so a mirror can help you and that you have enough space to move without problems. Also do not forget to cool off after dancing, if you feel a lot of pain at any time you should stop and consult.

Exercise 1

  • This is a movement known as the pendulum and it consists of moving your hips from side to side. To start standing straight with your legs together, then you must swing your hips gently from right to left, while relaxing your knees and flexing your arms as you can see in the image.
  • When the hip is displaced it should not go forward, not diagonally and not up or hit. The central axis is your head and the hip comes out of the center, it is only to move it in a straight line and take care of breathing.
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Exercise 2

  • Once you learn to master the basic hip movement that was described in the previous exercise, then you can try other variations to add difficulty while contracting your abdomen.
  • Here the left leg is supported and the right is the one that goes from front to back, as you move your hips. So, when your leg goes forward you also pull your hip to the right side, then move your hip to the other side and when you bring your foot back again take it to the right.

Exercise 3

  • This exercise consists of performing the number eight or the infinity symbol with the movement of the hips. Start by standing straight, then bring your hip to the diagonal and from there push it from front to back, supporting yourself with a knee bend. Now try to bring your hips to the opposite diagonal.
  • This is one of the most used steps in choreography and it is like making small circles on the sides.

Exercise 4

  • This movement is known as the camel movement, which consists of bringing the chest forward, followed by the abdomen and pelvis, while the knees are slightly bent. Then you send it back, and it reaches the belly, followed by the hip, since you will return in the same way as you arrived.
  • To perform this undulation exercise, avoid sticking your tail out and try to keep your abdomen contracted.

Exercise 5

  • Start straight, then bring your foot forward, slightly bend your knee and touch the ground with the tip, while you move your hips with a small blow. Repeat to the left and alternate the movement. If you are constant in this way you will achieve a waist of envy, but remember that the basis for obtaining excellent results in your body is to take care of your diet so that it is balanced.
  • You can also find all these movements in different YouTube videos so that you can guide yourself to adopt the correct technique. If you still have doubts, it is always good to inquire.
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