6 tips to take care of yourself at Christmas. Take care of yourself and feed your well-being!

We are entering a time of year that for some is a time of enjoyment and reunion with the family, and for others a nightmare, because they do not like this time, because it is overwhelming to think about gifts or because they know what to eat and drink – probably with excesses- it will be one of the most present activities these days. That is why I found it interesting to write an entry on how to take care of yourself at Christmas .

6 tips to take care of yourself at Christmas

1. Enjoy every meal

Lunches and dinners with friends, co-workers and family are to be enjoyed, to enjoy the food on the table and to enjoy company. Therefore, it is best not to eat in a hurry and with anxiety . Usually it is about lunches or dinners scheduled in advance, so I don’t have to run after finishing because I have to … whatever . Enjoy the moment, the company, each bite, savor it calmly. You will surely eat less .

2. Don’t skip any meals

Skipping meals is not a good habit at any time of the year and less at this time when “how do I know I’m going to spend dinner, I make up for not eating at noon.” Does it really make up for you? Are you really balancing your caloric intake for that day? I’m afraid not.

Make a good breakfast, the most important meal of the day; Eat light (but eat), don’t skip mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, and then enjoy dinner.

3. Eat everything in moderation

Variety and abundance at our tables (if the crisis allows it, of course 😉 And not all rich, the following. Well, do not deprive yourself, eat a little of everything you like , but do it in moderation. Do not serve large quantities and make Case of the first recommendation: enjoy the moment, the company, each bite and savor it calmly.

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Take the opportunity to eat more fruits and vegetables for example, and not just outside of those celebratory meals. Vegetable-based salads and side dishes can be prepared to accompany other more caloric main dishes.

The same happens with desserts. Although the typical Christmas sweets, nougat, marzipan, polvorones … are practically unavoidable, seasonal fruit can be present as well. How about a fruit salad or some roasted apples?

4. Pay attention to what you drink

And I don’t mean quantity, but what. Cocktails, vermouth, wine, cava … just like desserts, alcoholic beverages are present yes or yes on the table, before, during and after the lunch or dinner in question. Try to drink water. Water during the day and water at meals alternating it with other drinks. It will prevent you from drinking more of others, such as industrial soft drinks for example, and will help your physical well-being.

Alcoholic beverages do not usually provide nutrients to the body and their excess most likely leads to a general malaise the next day (digestive, headache …) and they provide a lot of calories. Have a glass of wine or cava before an explosive mix of liquor loaded with empty calories and sugar. Keep that in mind.

And even though I suppose you know, I can’t help but recommend that if you drink, don’t drive . It is always risky to do so, but at this time, an accident could affect your family and friends even more.

5. Move the skeleton

If you have more time than usual these days, take the opportunity to move. You can exercise almost without realizing it: walk, go for a walk, go dancing … whatever you like and can do. Not only will it help you to compensate for excesses, but it will help you feel better about yourself.

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In addition, physical exercise benefits the quality and rhythm of sleep and reduces insomnia, important these days when we modify our sleep routines.

6. Be aware

Be aware that it is a time with a tendency to commit excesses and be alert to apply these recommendations to take care of yourself at Christmas. Mentalize yourself in advance if you already know what or what are your weak points and keep it in mind to be prepared.

Be aware that regardless of the consumer fashion of shopping and gifts that we live in Christmas, Christmas is a time of meetings with people we appreciate.

Be aware of each moment and enjoy it because it will not happen again. Enjoy the company of your family and friends, those you see regularly and those you only see at this time of year.

And be mindful of what you eat and what you drink and enjoy every bite. If you are not savoring and enjoying it, don’t take it.

What do you do to take care of yourself at this time? Do you want to add other recommendations to take care of yourself at Christmas?

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