Until a decade ago the watch was an optional accessory. I mean, it was nice to have one, but their only goal was to set the time. There were all the prices, brands and materials, but not everyone chose to have a watch. Today the picture is different since today a smart watch or smartwatch is necessary,not only to see the time, but to measure the heart rate, see the notifications that arrive in the apps, monitor the quality of sleep and other functionalities.


Today the smartwatch is a box of surprises with functionalities that became a day-to-day necessity. It is not an exaggeration since this mobile device has step counter, personal trainer, stress monitoring, real-time updates, among others. That makes the smartwatch a necessary accessory for living. We tell you 10 functionalities that make smartwatches indispensable.

1. Sleep monitoring

Smartwatches measure sleep quality with their most important metrics: deep sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Movement), light sleep and insomnia times, to quantify the impact of nighttime rest that is key to good physical and mental health.

2. Weight management

Smartwatches are there to support you in achieving results, both weight loss and improving fitness. When configuring the watch it will ask you for data such as height, current weight, among others to measure and customize the training plan according to your needs, as explained in this note about the advantages of smartwatch to exercise.

3. Measurement of vital signs

Smart watches take care of our health through their sensors that controlthe heart rate to discover if we are at a peak of stress. The ECG or electrocardiogram,is the most advanced functionality in this regard, since it controls heart health and optimizes workouts based on the response of the heart.

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4. Period monitoring in women

There are smart watches, such as Garmin, that include in their functionality to track the period and ask questions to know better. to its user and work predictive models on their reproductive health. It sounds complicated, but the more you feed the clock with information about the date of the last period or how regular you are, it provides information of the month, in which you can know the date of the next period, which days are fertile or which are not, to plan better.

5. Record variations in training

A key part of performing is determining variations in intensity and heart rate to track fitness improvement and develop increasingly demanding routines that give better results. A smartwatch allows you to measure variations during training and buy intervals with previous workouts.

6. Improve habits

The smart watch being connected to the apps of the wellness cell phone that remember when to drink water, a specific vitamin or eat a fruit, is a matter of vibrating so that the person looks at the clock and remembers that duty that is key to lead a healthier life. The smart watch is an ally when it comes to improving habits.

7. Calorie counting

Each action generates a reaction, especially on the issue of calories. The watch accurately measures how many passive calories (those burned by thinking, studying and others) and active calories (by physical activity) are burned, in addition to measuring vigorous activity (that which requires high effort) and gives you exact data on how many you burned in the day. If this is added to an app that counts how many calories are ingested per day in each meal and snack, the person will have an exact picture of intake and burning, to lose weight in a sustained way.

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