7 healthy resolutions for the new year based on the Spanish proverb

Our language is rich in sayings and proverbs, symbols of popular wisdom, the fruit of experience and observation. Surely many times you say one even without being aware of it. For today’s post, I have made a selection of sayings and sayings as the basis for some healthy resolutions for the new year.

The beginning of a new year is the time when many people set out to make changes in their life because, as the saying goes, Illness is felt, but health is not .

  • Slim down
  • Learn English
  • Give up smoking
  • Do more exercise
  • Take care of the diet
  • Drink more water
  • Get enough rest
  • Park stress
  • Take time for yourself

I have classified the chosen sayings in 7 healthy resolutions for the new year and each resolution is supported by three sayings, except for eating more fruits and vegetables, for which I have chosen six given the variety of existing sayings.

  1. New habits: the reason for the New Year’s resolutions is to change habits.
  2. Caring for health: the ultimate goal of all purposes.
  3. Be more positive: not only will you feel better emotionally with a positive attitude but your physical health will benefit from it.
  4. Eat better (without excess): making changes in diet is usually one of the most common purposes, especially thinking about losing weight.
  5. More fruits and vegetables: they provide vitamins and fiber and are a powerful antioxidant; the consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential in a healthy diet.
  6. Drink more water: I consider it so important that I hope that this post will help someone to set this goal.
  7. Exercise more: exercise is just as important as eating; popular wisdom has been saying this for many years.
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If you are interested, you can find more sayings on this website Compilation of popular sayings and sayings. And I encourage you to expand the list of resolutions and sayings for the new year by leaving your comment below. Do not cut yourself!

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