7 short plays to perform as a family – wellbeingstyle

Most children love to do theater and play different characters. It is an excellent resource that helps them put themselves in the place of others and discover new ways of seeing the world from another perspective. However, what many parents do not know is that theater is much more than just a diversion for children as it helps to develop their memory and enhances their ability to resolve conflicts, while giving free rein to their imagination and creativity.

This performing art is also an ideal tool to help children lose the fear of public speaking and develop their vocabulary and oral expression. Interpretation also helps children consolidate their self-esteem and gain self-confidence, while helping them recognize and deal with their emotions. Undoubtedly, it is also a good exercise to strengthen the bonds in the family and enjoy a different time of quality.

Fortunately, there are many plays, both classical and modern, that you can perform at home with the little ones. Here is a selection of some short works that children will surely love to perform.

Perfect plays to stimulate children’s interpretation

1. Peter Pan

Originally written by J.M. Barrie, this play tells the adventures of Peter Pan, a very unique boy who, along with his inseparable fairy Tinkerbell, visits Wendy every night to listen to the stories he tells his little brothers before sleeping. One day, Wendy surprises Peter Pan who convinces her to visit Neverland. An adventure full of challenges and dangers in which a lot of fun and moment of good humor also awaits them. Undoubtedly, a well-known and simple work with which children can give free rein to improvisation.

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2. I love the earth

This work is an excellent way to raise awareness among children about caring for the environment and develop their respect for the world in which they live from an early age. The story is set on a street in any city, where garbage is scattered everywhere. There, a boy walks nonchalantly throwing waste into the street when he meets one of his friends, who asks him not to throw his garbage on the ground. Without any remorse, the child refuses. At that moment, other friends approach and, together, they come up with the erying of the city to take care of its streets and the environment.

3. The Three Little Pigs

A play that the little ones at home will surely love is the theatrical adaptation of this fable of nineteenth-century children’s literature. The story tells the adventures of a clever little pig and his two brothers who try to get rid of the persecution of a fierce wolf that pretends to eat them for dinner. To avoid this, the little pigs build their own house, but will they be strong enough to protect them? A very fun work that transmits to the children the value of effort, perseverance and responsibility, in which they can also improvise on the fly.

4. Together we can

It is a simple play, perfect to start children in the world of acting. The story takes place in the jungle, where a group of puppies of different species play and have fun outdoors. Busy in their game, they inadvertently cross the path of Mrs. Osa, who ends up on the ground by accident. Thus, together and joining forces, they must put all their effort into lifting the heavy bear so that it can reach its destination. A short script that uses light dialogue and simple words, ideal for even the smallest of the house to remember its lines.

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5. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of the children’s plays that has been taken to the theater the most times. Coming out of the pen of writer Lyman Frank Baum and set in the United States, the story tells the adventures of Dorothy Gale, an orphan girl who lives in a grana with her uncles and her puppy Totó. One day, a large tornado hovers over the house and the girl with her puppy ends up in the wonderful land of Oz, where many adventures and friends await her to meet. The Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion will be some of the characters that will accompany you on your way to visit the Wizard of Oz, the only one who can help you return home. Undoubtedly, a very fun play, in which everyone can participate at home.

6. The rabbit that envied the mouse

Written by Clara Pérez, it is a simple work with short dialogues but that transmit a great teaching to children, the importance of accepting and loving themselves as they are. The play is set in nature and tells the story of a rabbit who envied the life of a field mouse. Envious of his tail and his speed when walking, the rabbit wished to be like that mouse, despite the warnings of his friend, a very nice bunny. Unhappy with his body and his own life, one day the bunny discovers the mouse trapped in a trap and realizes how lucky he is. A work about self-love and self-esteem that the little ones will be happy to interpret.

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7. The frog and the crocodile

Are you looking for a short and simple play to perform at home with the children? This story by Clara Pérez will come as a ring to the finger, while you teach children the importance of valuing those around them and creating sincere and lasting relationships. The work takes place in a lake where a frog, a crocodile, a turtle and an aquatic snake live. Accustomed to her crocodile friend always helping her cross from one shore to the other, the frog never made an effort to learn on its own. Until one day a strong storm makes him realize how important was the help that the crocodile lent him and the great mistake he made in treating his friend and the rest of the animals that lived in the lake badly.