7 tips that will help you have fuller eyebrows

Having bushy and well-defined eyebrows has become quite popular in recent years, but achieving it requires several care. Although there are different cosmetic products to create that illusion of thicker eyebrows, you can try other options so that you do not depend completely on makeup and that you feel comfortable from any scenario. Remember that eyebrows have the ability to frame your eyes, enhance your gaze and enhance your beauty, so it is important to take care of them as you do with other areas of your body. This time we teach you some Tips to include in the routine, as long as you are constant and above all patient.

1-Includes some oils

There are several common products on the market, which are inexpensive compared to different brands, and which can be of great help. This is the case of coconut oil, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil or almonds, as they contain nutrients that help promote hair growth. All you have to do is apply them to the clean, dry area with the help of a cotton swab before going to bed, then wash the next morning.

2-Decreases hair removal 

If you really want your eyebrows to grow, you should allow this process to occur and not wax frequently. Try to rest from the tweezers or whatever method you use for a while so that they can grow, because sometimes the lack of thickness in your eyebrows is due to errors with the waxing. Take advantage of all that time to nourish them, you can also highlight other areas so that your eyebrows without plucking do not attract attention.

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3-Use an eyebrow brush

Once you use any oil or product to help your eyebrows grow, run a soft brush over the area. This not only distributes the product well, it is a way to massage your eyebrows that will help not irritate the skin and take care of the hair you already have. The massage also improves circulation so that growth is easy and you can repeat it several times throughout the day, which in the same way allows them to stay in place.

4-Try an eyebrow serum

Currently there are several options on the market that are special for that part of your face, as this type of serums have ingredients that can help make growth easier, as long as you are very judicious with their application, which is usually it goes from one to two times a day. A well-formulated serum may be worth trying and including a well-formulated serum into your nightly skincare routine, and don’t forget to give it a little massage.

5-Try other home remedies

Nature is always available when it comes to promoting good health and appearance, there are thousands of recipes for all kinds of things, this is thanks to the properties it offers. For example, apply aloe vera gel with gentle circular movements and leave it on overnight. Another option is milk thanks to its vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, you just have to dip a cotton ball and let it act for 15 minutes, then remove with warm water. You may want to try petroleum jelly, which helps retain moisture.

6-Drink enough water

Maintaining a hydrated and nourished skin is an important part for you to obtain good results, but it is not only about taking care of it from the outside, but also about supplying the body with what it needs from the inside. The ideal is to drink a lot of water, the amounts vary in each person depending on where they live and their habits, but the recommendation is between 2 to 3 liters. So make sure you take your water bottle with you everywhere.

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7-Follow a healthy diet

Maintaining a balanced diet does wonders for your body, it is the key to almost everything. Make sure to consume a variety of foods of nutritional quality, increase the consumption of those rich in vitamins B and D, which will especially help you with hair growth. Your diet should include more green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish such as salmon, chicken, eggs, fruits. Even chocolate, but a quality one.