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A garden under stairs is a great option to take advantage of the space and give it that special touch with something you like. In addition, it is ideal for those who do not have a patio where they can enjoy the outdoors, but want to have that outdoor feeling. That is why we show you some of the designs that you can incorporate into the decorative style of your home or that may fill you with more inspiration to transform this space under the stairs according to what you have available. Also, get advice on what plants you will use.

ideas for gardens under the stairs

1-Simple garden

This is a great option if you are looking for something simple, but nice. Here you mix some types of stones, which you can distribute as you prefer, and include several small pots around them, while in the center you will find an orchid and on the sides two other plants. Remember that the choice of the species of plants that you will place under the stairs depends on the amount of light they must receive to survive.

2-Small garden

Actually, you can maintain your garden even if you have little space, and this option is an example of that. It includes two plants and some decorative stones on a bed of grass. Here you get natural light, so the plants will be in better conditions. You can also use artificial plants if you want to decorate the space with a touch of nature, but without having to worry about all the care that a real garden requires.

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3-Stones and pots

You can create beautiful designs by combining various stones and getting the right pots, which go according to the type of plant chosen, as well as the color should complement the place. For example, in this space, the color white predominates on the floors and stairs, so the choice of white and smooth pots makes everything look brighter, while the color of the stones finishes give that touch so that the result is unique.

4-Elegant planters

You can also transform the space under the stairs with some special planters, which draw attention to make it something different. Combine the sizes of pots with different plants. You can even include other decorative objects to make it more modern. This under stairs garden option uses large, dark-colored containers that go well with the white floor and white everything else.

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