8 homemade insecticides to eliminate pests from your plants

Today there are many people who decide to grow a variety of plants in their garden in order to obtain healthier food, prepare different natural remedies, as decoration or take advantage of their free time. However, for this desire to remain firm, it is necessary to avoid various types of pests through effective insecticides that are more ecological and economical, in addition to not affecting the health of family members, especially if there are children.

It is for this reason that we want to show you some ways in which you can obtain a good product for pest control based on basic ingredients and easy to acquire in the market, which will be of great help to keep your garden in the best conditions and that you feel proud of what you see in this space of the house.

1- Garlic insecticide

Garlic is well known for its aroma and flavor in cooking, as well as in different natural remedies to fight diseases. However, it is a great alternative for the control of ants, aphids, whiteflies, caterpillars, beetles, termites, slugs or soldier worms.

Preparation: You need to puree 2 garlic bulbs, which are approximately 10 to 12 cloves, then add 1 liter of water and leave the mixture overnight. Over time, strain the liquid and add 1/2 cup of vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap and a little more water. As it is a basic but concentrated mixture, you must prepare a spray before using the product. So add a liter of water for each cup of the mixture, avoiding applying on a sunny day.

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2- Pepper and garlic  insecticide

This product is more powerful than the previous one by adding cayenne pepper which, like garlic, is a natural repellent for insects. Traditionally it has been used for cabbage pickers, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, slugs, aphids, and borers.

Preparation: You must place a minced garlic clove and a medium onion in the saucepan, then add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, three mint leaves and 4 cups of water. Now bring the mixture to a boil, let it rest for 12 to 24 hours and pass the liquid through a strainer. Finally save in a spray and use when necessary.

3-Insecticide with tomato leaves

These leaves contain a natural alkaloid that is characterized by its antimicrobial, fungicidal and insecticidal properties, so it can easily be converted into an effective way to fight insects.

Preparation:  You only have to chop tomato leaves to make one cup, then add two cups of water and let it rest overnight. After time stir and add another cup of water. Using a spray, spray the liquid on the plants to get rid of mites and aphids.

4-Insecticide with milk

This combination is special to combat fungi, which take over plants, being caused by high temperatures and humidity. It is really simple and inexpensive as it contains milk and baking soda.

Preparation: You need 8 parts of rainwater, if you cannot get it in a short time, you can fill a container with normal water and leave it there for two days. After time add 2 parts of milk that can be skimmed since the important thing is to acquire the salts, amino acids and not the cream. Finally add 20 g of baking soda for each liter of the mixture. Now it only applies two days in a row at dusk or after a storm. Continue applying every 15 days to prevent.

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5- shells egg

Using this simple ingredient brings two benefits to your garden, the first is that it serves as a fertilizer and the other as a repellent, you just have to crush the peels. Then sprinkle the powder at the base of your plants, so that you form a kind of ring. This will protect against snails and some caterpillars.

6-Tobacco Spray

This is another traditional insecticide in many parts of the world when it comes to killing insects due to the nicotine that is toxic to them. Like the other options, it is cheap and easy to carry out.

Preparation: Gather several cigarette butts until you can fill 1/4 cup, then you must put them in a sock and let it rest with a liter of water overnight. Another way that is also effective for pests but more expensive is to dilute the dried tobacco leaves. Do not use the product on datura, nicotiana or petunia flowers.

7- Ginger tea

With this drink you can fight the tuta or tomato moth, which causes disasters in our cultivation, thanks to a substance that contains ginger known as zingibereno that attacks the larvae and allows to drive away the moth so that it does not deposit its eggs.

Preparation:  You will need 50 g of powdered ginger or grate the roots, now you must bring to the fire a liter and a half of water with a rosemary leaf, when it starts to boil, remove from the heat and let it rest for 5 minutes before adding the ginger and stir well.

Cover and let it rest for 24 hours, after which time add 6g of granulated soy lecithin or in pills. Let it rest for half an hour, then pass the liquid through a strainer. Finally mix one part of the ginger tea to 4 parts of water and apply once every 7 days.

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8- Insecticide with absinthe

It is an effective plant for aphids, mealybugs, ants and mites without damaging the silver. To prepare the product you must macerate 300 grams of dry wormwood in a liter of water, then strain and use a spray to moisten the garden plants and that’s it.

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