8 reasons why your daughter should practice ballet at an early age

Ballet is a classical dance in which good control of the body is required to perform the different movements, so it is advisable to start from an early age thanks to its degree of difficulty. Its practice brings with it different benefits that make it a great option for extracurricular activity, being one of the most complete as it includes both the physical and mental part.

Here are the main reasons why you might consider including your daughter in ballet classes, so that she can take advantage of her free time instead of spending many hours in front of a screen. Dance promotes different skills and important values ​​for their integral development.

1-Favors discipline

This activity will allow your daughter to follow directions. Well, there the teacher directs his students with specific movements in each class, in addition to the different variations, so that they repeat the same movements until they are perfected. In other words, this cycle of learning, observing, and monitoring teaches you to focus and work hard to improve, which is important to your life as you grow.

2-Learn about perseverance

With ballet, girls can learn how mastering something turns out to be a process and that it is okay to be wrong as long as you can keep working on it until you reach the goal. This need to try again and again until she finally succeeds, helps her motivate herself to keep going despite the mistakes, but above all that she can learn from them. In addition to experiencing that happiness that you get when you have been able to perform a certain movement well.

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3-Learn to work in a team

This activity is also great for encouraging children to work with others to achieve a goal. Well, a good teacher makes everyone play an important role in the recital and it takes a joint effort so that the performance on stage goes in the best possible way. It will also allow you to interact with other children of the same age, so ballet encourages social skills.

4-Strengthens the confidence

Ballet lessons take children out of their comfort zone, giving them their first experience of performing in front of other people can help them experience less fear and feel more secure over time. Being an important skill for adult life, since you will often have to face situations in which you must address a group.

5-Improves health

This is one way to stay physically active, as regular exercise promotes good health as you have fun. It allows to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. All this through warm-ups, postures and other movements that involve various muscle groups throughout the body, making it a very complete activity.

6-Improve memory

Apart from helping to maintain good physical health, it also supports mental health. Well, in the process of learning positions and different dance routines, it allows you to improve your ability to remember details as well as to pay attention. The combination of pace, concentration, memory, and physical activity is said to involve many parts of the brain and their communication with each other.

7-Help with body awareness

Ballet routines can teach children to be more aware of what they are doing, as well as the space around them. Each part of the body has a specific place for it to be able to perform the movement correctly, so this muscle memory grows over time. Remember that it is important for parents to encourage healthy behaviors in children so that their development is the best.

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8-Promote a love of art

Last but not least, ballet promotes cultural awareness in a fun way, as well as a love for art and music. The skills learned in these classes can help children experience another dance style in the future.

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