8 side effects of burning incense at home

Incense is a product made from natural materials, which can be burned and thus create an aromatic smoke. It is used a lot in homes to obtain a more pleasant environment, also to improve energy, among other purposes. However, frequent exposure to this smoke can have a negative impact on people’s health. That is why we want to show you what are the possible effects of incense on your body. So that you can take the necessary preventive measures, such as limiting use and opening windows after use, even exploring alternatives that do not represent a risk.

1-Affects your airways

Most people exposed to incense smoke cannot control the urge to cough and sneeze. This is because it contains respiratory irritants that cause discomfort. Even several studies have affirmed that some types of incense can be as toxic as the cigarette itself. This smoke is believed to be able to penetrate deep into the airways, as it has a greater number of finer particles.

2-Causes skin problems

Incense sticks can also influence the health of your skin, especially if you are a person who constantly suffers from allergies. Every time incense is burned, the particles and other allergens interact with the skin and dissolve in the sebum, this is an oily substance secreted for lubrication, causing irritation or contact dermatitis. They also increase the levels of immunoglobulin in the blood, antibodies produced in response to allergens and which are also an indicator of contact dermatitis.

3-Causes headaches

For many people, this pungent aroma can be the main trigger for their headaches. It is also very likely that after exposure to incense you will not only feel pain, you may experience nausea, dizziness and a general malaise. Therefore, these types of products do not always have calming or relaxing effects. There are other more efficient alternatives that promote a state of tranquility.

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4-aggravates asthma symptoms

Burning incense produces pollutants and irritants in the air, which are the main cause of respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Also frequent exposure to this smoke is capable of worsening existing symptoms of the disease, such as wheezing and coughing. The recommendation is to avoid using this type of product in closed spaces, as it is one of the ways to prevent serious health problems.

5-Increases the risk of  cancer

Some research suggests that exposure to airborne pollutants from burning incense in closed rooms for a long time is highly toxic to cells. It can change the genetic material that leads to mutations, this influence the development of various types of cancer, including lung cancer. This is one more reason to be careful about using incense at home.

6-Put the baby’s health at risk 

Constant exposure to this type of smoke is not good for your general health, especially if you already have other medical conditions. It is also not advisable to be exposed for so long if you are pregnant. Since, like cigarette smoke, it can put the proper development of the baby at risk, due to these harmful substances. It increases the risk of preterm labor and low birth weight.

7-It can affect heart health 

Just as the smoke produced by burning incense in homes has the ability to influence asthma and cancer, it has also been linked to the risk of heart disease. A study found that with prolonged use of incense at home, people are 12% more likely to die of heart problems, 19% more likely to have a stroke and 10% to develop coronary heart disease.

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8-Create nervous problems

Indoor incense increases the concentration of carbon monoxide, so frequent exposure can cause neurological problems. It affects memory and causes a deterioration in cognitive abilities. If you decide to light incense at home, try to take some precautions. Try not to expose yourself for more than two hours and that it is in ventilated spaces, that the children are not present and make sure that the smoke is clear, if it is very concentrated, it is best to turn it off. Choose natural versions over synthetic ones.

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