8 ways to show mom how much you love her without gifts

It’s clear that you don’t need expensive gifts to make a mom feel special in her children’s lives, because it’s the little daily details that really make the difference. Although mom deserves the best, this is not just a day of attention, shopping and social media posts, it is also very important to be able to show her that you are her priority with other actions and words of constant affection.

show mom how much you love her without gifts

It doesn’t take a lot of money to thank her for all she did, does and will continue to do for you, so take advantage of her in a thousand different ways now that she is alive. What is really valuable, are those quality moments you share with her, this is what will stay in the heart and memory of both of you. In this article we will show you some ways to surprise her and show her your love without the need for big gifts.

How to show mom how much you love her

1-Dedicate quality time

Taking every opportunity to share quality time with your mom is the best investment you can make, it’s priceless and its contents don’t fit in any box. Try things as simple as joining one of her hobbies, watching movies, chatting over wine, tea or coffee, maybe going for a walk or planning an afternoon picnic. These are great ideas to connect with her and show her interest.

2-Surprise her with a meal

Who doesn’t love to have their favorite dish prepared for them? On many occasions mom has done this for you and it’s time to repay that attention. Surprise her with her favorite meal or prepare her a nice breakfast to start the day in the best possible way, you may not be excellent in the kitchen, but your effort will make the detail have a greater meaning. Accompany it with a note or a flower to give it that special touch.


3-Take care of the housework

A mom’s day is always busy, as there are many responsibilities to take care of. A good way to help her have time to relax is to take some of the work off her shoulders, such as cleaning the house, doing the dishes, making repairs, going to the market, and similar activities. Although these may seem like very insignificant things, it is something she will value, so she will have enough space to enjoy whatever she wants.

4- Call or write her every day.

Just because you no longer live with your mom doesn’t mean you should let her feel forgotten. Even though you now have many activities of adult life, it is important that you always take the time to call her or leave messages, either at the beginning of your day, at lunchtime or at the end of the day. This is a way to strengthen communication despite the distance, it will help you to know what is happening in her life every day.

5-Don’t forget to include her in your life.

Just as it is essential to be aware of your mother, how she is feeling and what her needs are, it is equally important for a mother to know how her children are doing. There is nothing better than sharing with your loved ones all the triumphs and obstacles overcome, that she can feel that you have confidence in her, since she will always be there for you.

6-Company her in some of her activities.

This is another way to remind her of how much you love her and of the value to you of everything she does. For example, if she has a religious event, you can suggest that you go together or maybe if she needs to go to the doctor. If she tells you she wants to do something special or has a program, ask her if you could also participate in it, this way you will spend time with your mom and build many memories that will never be forgotten.

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