Angora ferret: Everything You Need to Know

Angora ferret

Are you fascinated about getting your individual Angora ferret or do you have already got one in every of your own?

This text is for present and future Angora ferret owners who wish to discover ways to care for their distinctive pets. Though not completely totally different from cats and dogs, ferrets have traits which are uniquely their very own. Learn on and learn how to reside in harmony along with your ferret(s)!

Facts About the Angora Ferret

A comparatively new breed, the Angora ferret was initially launched by a Swedish breeder who famous the extra-long fur of his ferrets. Nevertheless, it was after he bought his inventory to a fur farm that the Angora ferret recognized at present got here to be. The fur farm labored towards making a ferret with longer fur, versus long-haired ferrets.

Angora ferrets and ferrets, basically, are a preferred alternative for a pet these days. Having the uniquely mixed traits of a cat and canine, these animals are splendidly responsive and bond effectively with their proprietor. They’re playful and loving with seemingly boundless vitality and fast intelligence.

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Available Colors

Angora ferrets come in all shapes and combos with black and white being among the commonest. You will discover that they arrive within the following colours:

  • Albino
  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Black sable
  • Champagne
  • Sable
  • Cinnamon
  • Darkish-eyed white

Life Span

Their life span will be anywhere from six to 10 years relying on how properly you take care of the animal. You can see that pet retailer ferrets usually have a shorter life span as a result of they’re neutered earlier than they’re even bought to their new homeowners. Early neutering prevents ferrets from creating all of their hormones, thus inflicting extra issues in the long run. After all, there’s additionally the danger that the ferret was improperly bred by means of breeding farms.

Nevertheless, an moral breeder will promote a ferret that is not neutered or spayed. They are going to suggest that the process is completed round one 12 months outdated so that every one the hormones develop. Ferrets which might be taken care of like this have an extended life span.

Legality of Keeping a Ferret

Sadly, not all states enable ferrets as a pet. Even when they do, there are laws that have to be followed. Usually, the laws are not any completely different from that of a cat or canine. In others, nonetheless, particular guidelines are set forth for the ferret proprietor.

For instance, Hawaii and the District of Columbia each take into account ferrets unlawful. California requires {that a} allow first be issued to the possible owner earlier than a ferret will be saved as a pet. Colorado, however, permits them.

The Angora Ferret as a Pet

Ferrets have been originally bred for his or her fur. As time went on, nevertheless, they started to be extremely considered pets.

It is probably not stunning that the Angora ferret is cherished—contemplating the many persona traits that make it good for the standard pet lover. Listed here are simply a number of the traits you need to know concerning the Angora ferret.


Angora ferrets are distinctive and can’t be likened with the 2 different popular family pets: cats and dogs. Though every ferret has its personal distinct persona, it’s a must to take into account that they’re playful and inquisitive with a powerful tendency to bond with their homeowners. At the similar time, nevertheless, they’re nimble and greater than able to climbing the counter and fetching meals from the cupboard. Therefore, a ferret has the standard of a splendidly loyal canine however with the agility of a cat.


They don’t seem to be high-maintenance as most Angora ferrets will fortunately chill out of their cage after being given the requisite period of time to train. Some Angora ferret homeowners like to offer their ferrets room to roam, which implies that they’re not often saved contained in the cage.

If that is how you propose to care to your ferret, keep in mind that every part needs to be ferret-proof. Nimble and quick-minded, having a ferret is like having an inquisitive toddler with a gold medal in gymnastics. Therefore, every part needs to be locked, sealed, and saved out of paw’s means.

Interaction With Children

As with all pets, it is necessary to oversee every interaction with kids to make it possible for neither is harmed. Overexcited ferrets will chew and scratch so kids must be warned towards stunning them or pulling on their tail and fur. Extra time, Angora ferret house owners ought to be capable of determine whether or not their pet ferret would do properly within the firm of sure individuals.

House Training

Like cats, ferrets are splendidly easy to deal with train, together with educating them the right way to use a litter field. It takes time and endurance to coach a ferret however no extra so than the typical cat. In a while on this article, you may find out how to coach your pet.

Curiosity Level

You should be ready to ferret proofing your house in the identical way you’d baby-proof your home. This implies preserving closets closed, blocking all holes the place the ferret is large enough to slide in, and preserving all of your meals and valuables in a protected place. Ferrets might be incredibly intelligent—plus they’ve the dexterity of a contortionist. You could be shocked how they will nonetheless slot in a tiny gap. As a rule of thumb, all holes larger than .5 by one must be blocked.


In relation to train, ferrets might be fairly demanding. Not like canines that should be walked for an hour a day, ferrets want at the very least two hours of playtime. The excellent news is that you do not have to take them exterior to try 

For the most half, ferrets play in the identical method cats do. You need to use a ball, yarn, or a toy tied to a string and let your ferret go wild. When you have two ferrets, they will fortunately entertain one another through the day.


Give your ferret a toy to maintain them entertained, particularly if they’re the one ferret in the home. Cat toys work however notice that they won’t final as lengthy. Ferrets might be fairly unforgiving throughout playtime and can chew and rip aside toys till they’re fully destroyed. Go for sturdy toys.


Ferrets do not precisely smell bad, however they do have a strong odor that leaves little question {that a} ferret lives right here. It is a unusual mixture of musk that may be minimized by cleansing the ferret’s cage on a routine foundation—in addition to his litter field.

Interaction With Other Animals

A multi-ferret family shouldn’t be an issue as ferrets are sociable and like to play with different ferrets. As a basic rule, nevertheless, it is not a good idea to depart your ferret with animals of a unique species. It requires coaching each breeds earlier than they are often allowed to play with one another.

Angora ferrets are unlikely to harm a canine or cat, however the identical is just not true in reverse. Cats take pleasure in their downtime and can probably hate the power excessive of a ferret. However, a canine might be equally energetic however will deal with the ferret as a toy that may be bitten with out regard for their very own energy. Whereas canines are usually trainable, you may want a mild breed if you wish to combine the 

Different pets, nevertheless, are finest separated from ferrets. In case you personal fish, mice, rabbits, hamsters, and different small pets, it is best to skip ferrets fully. Angora ferrets are carnivorous and will not find a way to withstand consuming one thing smaller than they’re.

Cost of Owning a Ferret

Since their reputation, the acquisition value of Angora ferrets has gone up, with costs starting from $65 to $250, relying on the colour, gender, and breeder you are getting them from. It stands to purpose that high quality breeders will cost extra since they’re providing a genetically wholesome ferret.

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Like canines, ferrets require vaccination for sure well being points corresponding to parasites and rabies. Spaying and neutering must also be a part of your long-term plan. Meals, housing, and varied different prices typical of proudly owning a pet should even be factored in. Accordingly, vaccinations ought to value round $150 whereas neutering/spaying value is dependent upon the veterinarian performing the process. Vaccinations are achieved yearly.

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Breeding the Angora Ferret

Whereas anybody can breed two grownup ferrets, not all breeding makes an attempt produce wholesome kits. You’d need to make it possible for the grownup ferrets are wholesome and that they don’t seem to be carefully associated. So as to obtain quantity two, you may need to bear genetic testing, which must be obtainable by means of your veterinarian. In case you’re not prepared to bear this process, it is best to not breed.

Spring is mating season with females being sexually mature round 4 months and males sexually maturing at eight months. Once they’re prepared, encouraging them to mate is a straightforward matter of placing them in the identical enclosure collectively for just a few hours. Be aware that ferret breeding might sound violent, however that is completely regular. The 2 shouldn’t be separated because the male’s penis is sort of a hook and will trigger harm if pulled out mid-sex.

You will know if the mating is profitable after two weeks. She’s going to begin to grow to be bloated and can take away hair from her abdomen space to organize herself for labor. Because it solely takes 42 days for the kits to be born, it’s best to prepare as rapidly as doable. Pregnant ferrets eat extra however is not going to be as energetic.

Put together a separate cage for the pregnant ferret even earlier than she provides start. As soon as the kits come, maintain her and the infants in protected surroundings away from different people and animals. Scared and anxious ferret mothers will eat their infants so watch out! At all times have meals and water for the mommy ferret as she is going to want it when nursing the younger ones. Ferret litters might be large, with as many as ten in a single go!

How to Select an Angora Ferret

When shopping for an Angora ferret, it is vital to keep a number of things in thoughts. This is what to look or when shopping for one.

After all, chances are you have already purchased your Angora Ferret earlier than studying this text. If that’s the case, discover out what you are able to do to correctly care on your new pet.

Age of the Ferret

You may get a kit (younger ferret) or an grownup, depending in your private preferences. A package could be taken dwelling as early as eight weeks, though you may discover that a few of them are being offered at simply 5 weeks. As with canines, younger ferrets supply extra room for coaching and are prone to develop up extra affectionate with their house owners.

In the event you don’t wish to spend cash nonetheless, you can acquire an grownup ferret or one who remains to be younger however has been let go by their house owners. Because of the sudden recognition of ferrets as pets, there has additionally been a rise in ones being put up for adoption. Test your native pet heart to see if any can be found.

Test the Breeder

In the event you select to buy a package, take a superb take a look at the breeder. Angora ferrets at a pet retailer could seem cheaper and extra handy, however you is likely to be shocked at how a lot their well being upkeep will value in the long term. Ideally, your Angora Ferret must be bought from a good breeder.

Male or Female

Feminine ferrets (known as Jills) and male ferrets (known as Hobs) aren’t that a lot totally different of their early years. As soon as they hit puberty, nonetheless, you will discover that male ferrets are extra aggressive, particularly within the presence of feminine ferrets in warmth. Unlike canines, feminine ferrets are in warmth for six months through the course of a 12 months, which implies that you will discover numerous uncharacteristic behaviors. Because of this it’s normally higher to neuter or spay a ferret, whatever the ensuing hair loss sooner or later.

Gender additionally issues in relation to scent. Ferrets usually have a scent sac under their anus that helps mark their territory via their feces and urine. Males, particularly, have a stronger scent and are prone to mark their territory, particularly if they don’t seem to be spayed or neutered. Mounted ferrets are much less prone to spray their urine all around the dwelling.

Angora ferret

How Many Ferrets Ought to You Get

In case you intend to get multiple ferret, keep in mind their genders and the way the reproductive course of will work. In fact, this is not going to be an issue if all of them are spayed or neutered. Angora ferrets which are not intact throughout their equipment years is not going to develop into the everyday hormonal growth and might be much less prone to have behavioral points. Being social animals, two ferrets or extra in a family is suitable in the event that they’re all the identical gender or are all mounted.

Marks of a Wholesome Ferret

This is what you must search for when shopping for a ferret:

  • Playful and alert
  • Curious
  • Vivid eyes
  • Clear and erect ears
  • Clean and supple actions
  • Clear nostril and mouth with none discharge
  • Clear anus
  • Clear sexual opening
  • Pink and clear paw pads.
  • Wholesome coat of hair

It stands to purpose that in case your ferret suffers from any of those issues, then they is likely to be having some illnesses that require medical consideration. Be very observant of your ferret, whether or not they’re new or have been with you for a very long time. Activeness, consuming habits, and stool are among the most correct indicators that one thing is incorrect.

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What Sort of Meals Ought to I Feed My Angora Ferret?

Ferrets aren’t your run-of-the-mill pets, which implies that feeding them is not all the time so simple as working to the closest pet retailer to purchase specifically formulated meals.

Thankfully, relating to their weight-reduction plan, Angora ferrets are remarkably much like cats. Therefore, you possibly can truly feed them cat meals after ensuring that the meals is excessive in protein. Primarily carnivores, angora ferrets additionally love hen or turkey treats to complement their staple weight-reduction plan of pellets.

You must by no means feed an Angora ferret with pet food. This contains doggie treats since there are specific components that canines can tolerate however the Angora ferret is incapable of digesting. Greens and grains are simply among the issues you must by no means let your ferret eat.

Find out how to Select a Model

The model of cat meals you feed your ferret is not actually as essential because the precise content material of the meals. Take a look at the ingredient checklist—protein must be the best prime ingredient. Ideally, the protein supply must be hen, turkey, or lamb. Don’t purchase something that lists vegetable and grain as a nutrient supply.

The subsequent factor to take a look at could be the dimensions and form of the meals pellets. They need to be rounded as a substitute of edgy since Angora Ferrets aren’t superb chewers. Edged pellets may be painful if it hits the roof of their mouth. Thankfully, many cat meals pellets are of the identical measurement.

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How Typically to Feed Your Ferret

With their extremely energetic way of life and fast metabolism, Angora ferrets want as many as eight small meals a day. As a result of frequency of the feed, some house owners merely enable all-day entry to the meals in order that their pets can eat each time they need.

If you wish to follow a portion routine nevertheless, you possibly can serve pellets in accordance with the serving strategies of the product. Simply discover out your Angora ferret’s weight to learn how a lot you must give them and divide that by eight.

How About Treats?

Treats are nice and might be useful for those who intend on coaching your Angora ferret for hygiene or leisure functions. Once more, you possibly can’t supply them any canine deal with since this won’t agree with them. Cat treats, however, are completely nice. In the identical vein, you possibly can select to supply your ferret some hen or turkey meat as treats.

What About Portion Sizes for Treats?

In the case of treats, it’s good to be extra circumspect about what you supply. Carrots and apples must be lower into small items earlier than giving them to your ferret. An excellent rule of thumb is to chop fruit in order that it is as small as a raisin.

What meals shouldn’t be given?

Chocolate and milk are two meals gadgets that ought to by no means be given to ferrets. Chocolate may be deadly to them whereas milk could cause diarrhea. As a rule, by no means give them any meals that is not good for canines. In the case of fruit, very small parts are finest.

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Ferret Well being Points

Angora ferrets are susceptible to sure well being points that should be solved as quickly as they turn into evident. Whereas veterinary intervention is all the time a good suggestion, there are some issues which you could deal with by yourself. This is a rundown of the most typical well being points.

Hair Loss or Alopecia

Characterised by hair loss, both partially or fully, alopecia in Angora ferrets could also be linked to a number of points. Be aware that older ferrets usually tend to lose hair and that that is completely regular as a result of getting old course of. Ferrets between the ages of three to seven are extra susceptible to alopecia. The identical goes for spayed or neutered ferrets. If not one of the above circumstances are true, you must take into account the next causes:

  • Allergic response
  • Parasites
  • Bacterial an infection
  • Immune issues
  • Dietary deficiency

Therapy will depend on the underlying reason for the issue. Parasites are sufficient to be handled by house owners. For different causes, nevertheless, you will want to seek the advice of a veterinarian.


Diarrhea could also be a symptom in itself or indicative of consuming sure meals that the ferret should not have eaten. Listed below are the widespread causes:

Therapy relies upon largely on the reason for the issue. Meals points clear away on their very own, however the remainder require further intervention. Rehydration is the primary order of enterprise, ideally via fluids and electrolyte replacements. Antibiotics, antifungal, and anti-parasitic remedy is likely to be advisable by your vet.


A ferret’s vomit would possibly supply a clue as to what the trigger is. They might throw up fluid with a little bit of yellowish coloring, which is bile. The meals might already be digested and are available out in giant chunks with mucus. In lots of circumstances, vomiting is accompanied by black stool.

Additionally, take note of the ferret’s actions earlier than vomiting. They is likely to be experiencing nausea, which is characterised by numerous salivae, pawing of the mouth, and/or licking the lips.

Causes of vomiting embody:

  • Dietary modifications: You would possibly wish to change to a distinct meals sort. This trigger is probably going for those who’ve just lately modified their meals or supplied them one thing new.
  • Micro organism present in uncooked meat: Be certain that to totally cook dinner meat earlier than serving it to them.
  • Consuming a overseas object or indigestible matter
  • Consuming one thing they are not imagined to eat
  • Response to a vaccine
  • Stress

If the vomiting is a one-time factor, then there is not any want to go to a veterinarian and have your pet checked out. If it occurs typically, nevertheless, it is likely to be indicative of one thing else. Ferrets that vomit typically additionally expertise speedy weight reduction and must be given diet via different means.

Ferret house owners who observe frequent vomiting are suggested to take a cautious take a look at the timing and consistency of the vomit with the intention to give an correct description to the vet. Therapy is totally different for vomiting versus regurgitation, thus the necessity to make a distinction between the 2.

Flea Infestation

Fleas in ferrets are not any totally different than fleas in canines. Indicators of flea infestation embody:

  • black grainy residue within the pores and skin, particularly contained in the ears,
  • fixed scratching
  • pink patches as a response to the bites
  • Visible affirmation of fleas.

If left undiagnosed and unresolved, a flea infestation can result in anemia that will be more durable to deal with. Because of this ferret house owners are suggested to deal with it as quickly as potential. This may be finished by utilizing a flea shampoo and guaranteeing that your ferret is given frequent baths. You might also get anti-flea remedy or a vaccine, however this requires talking with a vet.

  • Adrenal Illness: Tumor within the adrenal glands that may trigger baldness, lack of power, swelling of the sexual organs, and hormonal points.
  • Most cancers: As with individuals, most cancers in ferrets is finest handled via chemotherapy. This may be tough, so most house owners go for euthanasia.
  • Allergic circumstances: This can be triggered by varied meals gadgets or publicity to sure chemical compounds. Signs are pretty much like these of people.


Ferrets taken at a younger age ought to not less than have distemper vaccinations even earlier than possession is transferred. In case you’re not the breeder, be certain to test the pet’s papers to seek out out what vaccines had been already administered. Extra vaccinations might be given at 11 and 14 weeks of age. Anti-rabies is given at 12 weeks. After these, annual vaccination pictures are obligatory.

Ferret Hygiene

Holding your ferret’s cage clear is essential if you wish to hold your private home smelling good. In the identical approach, sustaining your ferret’s private hygiene must be the highest precedence with the intention to hold him glad and wholesome. However how precisely do you do that? Sadly, there is not any such factor as skilled ferret grooming—except your vet’s workplace is closely superior. The excellent news is that you are able to do all this your self with some abnormal instruments that will help you alongside the way in which.


Baths must be given as soon as a month. Thankfully, ferrets additionally hold themselves clear via licking so except you enable your ferret to roll within the mud outdoor, there’s actually no want to provide them a shower typically. This is what you must learn about ferret baths:

  • Their regular physique temperature is 103 levels, which implies that a chilly tub is normally not a good suggestion. Your tub water must be barely hotter than what you prefer to for your self.
  • Use ferret shampoo to softly therapeutic massage the physique of the animal. It is best to be actually light across the head space since shampoo can get into their eyes and irritate them. Usually, you will discover ferret shampoo obtainable within the pet store. Nonetheless, this is not all the time the case. Acceptable alternate options are:
  • Use child shampoo as a result of these shampoos are sometimes tearless and mild. Additionally they scent nice and can, due to this fact, depart your ferret smelling like a child for the following few days.
  • You may also use dishwashing cleaning soap for those who discover any fleas in your ferret. With out fleas, nevertheless, you possibly can skip the dishwashing cleaning soap completely, particularly since a few of these soaps aren’t precisely light.
  • A generic pet shampoo also needs to work wonders in your ferret. They arrive in giant portions and cheaper to purchase. When you have multiple pet in your home, this could be the best selection.
  • Canine or cat shampoo would even be a good selection, however it should not be your first. The composition of cat and canine shampoo might differ from one product to a different so make a degree of analyzing the product earlier than shopping for. All the time go for the ‘tearless’ shampoo to ensure eye security.
  • Your ferret could also be uncomfortable about the entire thing, so be certain to consolation them throughout the tub via cautious massages, at the same time as you lather the shampoo throughout their physique. Holding your pet comfy will progressively assist him get used to it in order that sooner or later, baths will not be as onerous as they’re.
  • As soon as finished, rigorously rinse the ferret and dry him with a towel. You may also strive utilizing a hairdryer to correctly take away all of the water from ferret hair.
  • Be aware that after a shower, ferrets will work themselves right into a frenzy by rolling across the ground and scrubbing their our bodies on the carpet. It is a completely pure response since they hate being moist and wish to dry themselves rapidly. Sadly, the motion could cause them to turn into soiled quickly after they have been cleaned. To forestall this from occurring, line your ferret cage with some carpet and hold him there for an hour after the tub. This fashion, he can dry himself with out getting soiled.
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Tooth Brushing

Ferrets ought to have their enamel cleaned twice a month for those who feed them a mixture of tender and onerous meals; for those who simply supply onerous meals nevertheless, as soon as a month will do exactly as effectively. Use a child toothbrush with tender spindles that will help you navigate your Angora Ferret’s small mouth and enamel. You may also use the specialised toothbrush for cats and canines with an extra-long deal with.

You will discover a specialised ferret toothpaste on-line if you wish to make it possible for your ferret will get a correct cleansing. If you cannot discover any, nevertheless, cat toothpaste will do exactly nice. Do NOT use canine toothpaste or toothpaste meant for people since they’re poisonous to ferrets. If you cannot discover any, merely brush their enamel utilizing a mix of water and salt.

After brushing their enamel, supply your ferret a deal with. This helps him turn into extra compliant for subsequent time. Be aware that like cats and canines, ferrets aren’t glad when their enamel are brushed and can resist the motion. You will need to be each persistent and mild. As soon as they notice that preventing is nugatory, most will mean you can brush their enamel.

Nail Trimming

Angora ferret nails may be lengthy and painful when used with an excessive amount of drive. Whereas ferrets don’t attempt to damage their house owners, their lengthy nails could cause harm to the remainder of the home—particularly the curtains and the furnishings.

This is what you must do:

  • Seize a cutter particularly for cats and canines. Human nail trimmers typically lower too excessive and thus could cause harm to the ferret. You will discover that cutters particularly made for pets are a very good funding and price little or no. When you have a number of pets, you should utilize it for all of them.
  • Examine your ferret’s nails and find that little pink line contained in the nails. The colour might not all the time be deep pink, however you must be capable to find it contained in the nail. The objective is to NOT trim way back to this pink line. Everytime you trim, you must just remember to’re steering clear.
  • In case your ferret is very uncooperative, you would possibly wish to trim his nails little by little. For instance, you are able to do one paw for one session after which give him a deal with afterwards. After a couple of hours, you are able to do the opposite paw and supply one other deal with. Doing this additionally helps with the coaching in order that your ferret ultimately turns into comfy with the method.

What if the nails begin to bleed?
If the nails bleed, that is since you trimmed past the pink line, otherwise you merely trimmed an excessive amount of. Seize some baking soda and put it in a bowl. Place your ferret’s bleeding nail in it to cease the blood move. This could occur in as little as three minutes. Wrap the nail in tissue paper and provides it time to heal. Postpone trimming of the opposite nails as effectively.

Ear Hygiene

That is one physique half that many ferret house owners neglect about. Keep in mind although that their ears are extremely delicate and thus require frequent cleansing, particularly in the event that they harbor any fleas. Parasites love the cavernous area of the ears, making it essential to continuously test and take away something that is likely to be lurking inside it. Cleansing ferret ears are finest finished as soon as a month.

  • Use a q-tip to scrub their ears however do not jab too deep contained in the ears. Clear solely so far as you possibly can safely see and wipe the broader space of the internal portion of the ear.
  • You need to use child oil to assist velocity up the cleansing course of. Water will work simply as effectively for those who’re undecided in regards to the high quality of the infant oil.
  • Be aware of the colour of the dust you get off the ears. Brown is completely regular however black could be a signal of flea infestation. Black pellets are principally flea poop and are an indication that your ferret is harboring some renters.

Coat Grooming

Since ferrets do not shed a lot, you do not have to brush their coat as typically as you’ll a cat or canine. In fact, fixed grooming helps unfold their pure oils, permitting their coat to gleam, shine, and look wholesome. For shedding functions, nevertheless, you solely must brush their coat each two weeks or so. As soon as per week would even be good simply to make it possible for your furnishings is freed from fur.

Simply seize a brush particularly made for ferret fur and brush away. It is likely to be finest to do the brushing outdoor to keep away from fur everywhere in the home. If you cannot discover a specialised brush, you should utilize a hairbrush or the identical brush used for canines and cats.

Ferrets Require Correct Care and Socialisation

Like all pets, Angora ferrets require love, endurance, and a spotlight for them to develop and thrive in your care. Remember that these particular breeds require a particular sort of care, however they may even offer you a number of love again.

Keep in mind that ferrets are for all times, so please do not simply depart your ferret on the nearest adoption heart must you notice that proudly owning one just isn’t for you. Because of this it’s strongly advisable that you simply first be taught as a lot as you possibly can in regards to the breed earlier than pushing ahead.

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