Anxiety when eating, how to control it

Eating is a pleasure but we must be careful when we feel anxiety, it can lead to overweight and health problems.

Anxiety is considered an addiction, it is very frequent and although it is difficult to cope, however, we can control it in different ways with simple steps that will help to modify those lapses of despair that occur to us during the day.

Anxiety when eating is due to many factors, including work, taking care of the house, day-to-day problems, the 21st century has changed our habits and forces us to do everything in an accelerated way without thinking that it can be harmful to our health.

One of the most frequent problems that a person suffers is stress, which can lead to taking routines that were not previously had, this can cause that in the afternoon hours it is more frequent to eat foods that do not help to have a healthy life But there is nothing to worry about, there are foods that can control anxiety and at the same time satisfy for many more hours while lunch or dinner arrives.

The different foods we consume each day can be the cause of our anxiety when eatingYou have to know what you eat and you will find the answers. To control anxiety we must avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates simple, like puff pastry, shortbread and cakes, and on the other hand avoid the consumption of refined sugars such as desserts and everything that contains sugar.

It is not easy to control anxiety when eating But if you follow these practical tips you can do it, the first thing you should do is add vegetables to your meals and make it a habitVegetables have different vitamins and minerals, they are a source of fiber which has a high power of satiety, we can also find in them polyphenols that provide us with antioxidant actions, and anti-inflammatory actions.

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Most likely, anxiety will be triggered between meals, at this time it is necessary that you eat foods that help you control it, example 4 in the afternoon you can use green tea or hibiscus flower water, remember that hot drinks help calm hunger, accompany your drink with 5 walnut seeds as they contain fiber and will help you control anxiety, another option is to consume a tablespoon of sunflower seeds with sesame, use this method only once a day, and remember that your mind plays an important role, keep in mind that you can achieve it, you are not the only person, it can happen to all of us.

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