Biotin, the star vitamin for skin and hair care?

In recent years, Biotin has been one of the most popular ingredients in many of the beauty products on the market, from shampoos and hair masks, to facial creams or nutritional supplements. But what really is biotin? Do you deserve that fame that the industry has given you in recent years?

In this article we will explain what this vitamin consists of and if it should be one of your daily essentials or if it is an undeserved fame.

What is Biotin?

Biotin also known as vitamin B8, B7 or vitamin H is a fundamental vitamin for the proper functioning of our body. This is because biotin plays a very important role in different body processes, including:

  • Transformation of glucose into energy: Biotin allows us to metabolize fats, carbohydrates and amino acids, allowing our body to obtain the energy it needs to function.
  • Creation of hemoglobin: As with some other B vitamins, Biotin facilitates the creation of red blood cells. These cells, also known as hemoglobin, are responsible for transporting oxygen to the organs of our body, so it is essential that our body creates the necessary amount of hemoglobin, and for this it is necessary to provide a correct amount of Biotin.
  • Improves the cells of certain tissues: This vitamin favors the cells of various tissues, keeping them healthy. Biotin in particular can improve skin cells, hair and nails, and it is for this reason that it has become the right eye of the cosmetic industry in recent years.

In addition to all the aforementioned, this vitamin is still in the focus of various studies since it is believed that it can improve the mood, the nervous system, cardiovascular health and muscle tissues among others. So it is clear that this vitamin is going to give a lot to talk about in the medical field for years to come.

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Thanks to its many benefits, we can affirm that vitamin B7 is essential for our health. However, it is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that our body is not able to accumulate it on a daily basis, so it will be necessary to take the indicated amount each day.

How can biotin improve my appearance?

Despite the multiple benefits that we have already mentioned of Biotin, it has become popular due to the improvements it can produce in our aesthetics. But although it is now when the use of Biotin has become popular, it has been used for hair care for years. However, human hair is not the first to benefit from this vitamin … It was horse hair!

Horse farms try to ensure that they have a lustrous and healthy coat, which is why this industry realized many years ago that including biotin in its shampoos significantly improved the coat of these animals. It was not until several years later that we realized that we too can benefit from this vitamin.

Biotin is currently one of the essential ingredients in many hair products and body lotions in the industry, but how exactly does vitamin H improve our appearance?

Strengthens hair

This nutrient manages to strengthen the hair avoiding hair loss and providing volume and vitality to our hair. So if you have poor and / or weak hair, you should definitely give this product a try. In addition, this vitamin will not only improve the ends of your hair, but it can also improve your scalp by protecting your hair from birth, making it a good solution if you want to avoid annoying and unsightly dandruff. Thanks to this ability, biotin is found in many of the most popular hair loss shampoos on the market.

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Strengthens nails

As with hair, biotin can strengthen nails, preventing them from being brittle and brittle. It will also promote their health by avoiding annoying damaged cuticles.

Promotes the appearance of our skin

Biotin hydrates our skin, preventing it from being dry, dehydrated or irritated. In addition, it is capable of preventing skin problems such as psoriasis or dermatitis, since it has the ability to regenerate skin tissues.

Where can I find Biotin?

As we have already mentioned, many hygiene and personal care products contain this vitamin among their ingredients. However, when used topically it is not absorbed properly, so it is advisable to consume it orally. The foods richest in this vitamin are eggs, yeast, organ meats, cheese, soybeans or some nuts among others. So it will be advisable that you maintain a diet rich in these foods.

The recommended daily dose is 15-100 mg daily for an adult, so there are many who choose to take supplements that can help them reach that dose and thus maintain a healthy body both inside and out. Keep in mind, that as we have mentioned before, this vitamin does not remain accumulated in our body, so we have to make sure that we provide the necessary amount on a daily basis, so opting for food supplements will always be the easiest and safest option. .

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