The Booty Shape Movement is a discipline whose main objective is to work the gluteal muscles. In turn, it is ideal to complement other training routines. Find out more about it.

In recent years, dancing has become an alternative way to get in shape. In fact, various fitness-oriented disciplines have emerged in which dancing is much more than following a choreography to do cardiovascular work. This is the case of the Booty Shape Movement.

These English words mean “movement to shape the buttocks.” In other words, it is designed to work in this area of ​​the body in a special way with the aim of increasing its muscle mass and volume.


The work consists of a choreography that integrates specific toning exercises for the gluteus, but which, in turn, trains other parts of the body, such as the legs, arms, chest, abdomen, and back.

As a discipline, the Booty Shape Movement is carried out in a group, in sessions of approximately 50 to 60 minutes, according to its creator Erika Sanz, who is also an actress and dancer. During this time, work is carried out that combines toning and cardiovascular training, which allows burning between 500 and 800 calories.

What benefits does the Booty Shape Movement have for the body?

As reported in the official documentation of this discipline, the benefits of practicing Booty Shape Movement are the following:

  • Burn between 500 and 800 calories per session.
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Oxygenation of the body and elimination of toxins.
  • General toning.
  • Body fat index reduction.
  • Improvement of the muscular strength of the body.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Increased quality of sleep.
  • Improved psychomotor coordination.
  • Increased concentration.
  • Improves mood by reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Development of the musical sense and rhythm.
  • Rounder and more toned buttocks.

In addition to toning the gluteal muscles, this routine allows you to burn calories, reduce cellulite, and improve coordination.

How do you perform a Booty Shape Movement routine?

The Booty Shape Movement sessions are designed through choreographies that combine and fuse various exercises focused mainly on the gluteus but without neglecting the other muscle groups. Some of the gluteal exercises that are usually present in these routines are the following:

  • Pelvic lifts.
  • Butt kicks.
  • Squats
  • Strides.
  • Burpees.
  • Push-ups.
  • Plates.

The session’s structure is divided into several parts: warm-up, main part (in which the learning of choreography and dance in groups is carried out), and stretching.

  • The warm-up takes about 10 minutes. The goal is to mobilize the joints and warm up the muscles through a short, choreographed routine of basic steps. Thus, little by little, the heart rate increases.
  • In the main part, lasting between 35 and 45 minutes, the learning and improvement of the choreography is worked on, and the technical correction and explanation of the movements is carried out, which is then repeated in groups. Every month there are two official choreographies to work on in the classes.
  • The session ends with 5 minutes of stretching and recovery, which also includes breathing and relaxation exercises.

How to apply it to the exercise routine?

Booty Shape Movement classes can be a good workout on their own. For those who want to train several times a week or expand their physical work, this discipline complements strength training very well, both in group classes and for those who train individually.

If less demanding from a cardiovascular point of view, these routines are ideal to complete the general exercise planning. And you want to seek intense cardiovascular challenges almost daily; this discipline is up to the task.

However, being focused on glute work, it is important to plan well the rest of the work to carry out a balanced training and avoid, among other things, muscle imbalances.

In addition, no matter how much interest you have in enhancing the buttocks, we must not lose sight that the basis of a slim body is the combination of exercise with a healthy diet. 

Support yourself with an instructor

To perform a Booty Shape Movement routine, you must find an instructor and a certified center. In fact, to teach this discipline, you need to have a specific license. However, there is another thing to keep in mind: a license is an authorization to use a trademark.

This means that the instructor and being licensed for the brand need to have a specific degree and training to teach group fitness classes—the qualifications and training required to depend on each country or region.

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