Branches of psychology and some of its main functions

The vast majority of people when they mention the word psychologist immediately associate it with the clinical psychologist; but it is important to know the different branches of psychology and their fields of action.

That is why here we will tell you about some of those areas of psychology and how they do their work.

7 branches of psychology

Clinical psychologist, of the branches of psychology is the most common or known

It is perhaps one of the best known branches of psychology; It is the area in charge of carrying out: evaluation, diagnosis and treatment; before any personal situation that affects a person in their mental health and in the development of their personal life.

Therefore this type of approach is done on an individual basis; although sometimes the process is carried out with more people, as in the case of family therapy or couples therapy.

The clinical psychologist can serve any type of population, be it children, youth or adults, this will depend on the population in which they specialize.

However, the type of therapy varies according to the psychological orientation that the professional may have; there are different theories such as humanistic, cognitive, psychoanalytic, Gestalt among others.

For this reason, many psychologists nowadays are not pigeonholed with a single school, but rather, they use techniques from all of them; Since the purpose of any type of psychological therapy will always be to find emotional well-being and improve the quality of life of the patient.

Remember that in Hakuna Matata Psychologists we have excellent clinical psychologists specialized in different areas; who will be willing to help children, youth, adults, couples and families with any of their problems that they may be presenting.

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So if you feel that you need help, get in touch with us, we will be happy to guide you through your process.

Educational psychologist

It is one of the branches of psychology that is responsible for studying how people’s learning occurs in the educational environment. Educational psychology is very useful within educational establishments; since it can support in the creation of educational plans, treat children and young people with special needs in adapting to classes.

The purpose is to help the educational center in external referrals of children and families, who require external psychological support.

Educational psychologists can accompany coexistence committees, create life skills strategies in children and families; in addition to carrying out prevention and promotion campaigns on issues that may affect the healthy psychological development of all students.

The main objective of educational psychology is to identify resources that help children’s learning to be more satisfactory; For this reason, it is currently essential that there be at least one psychologist for each educational center.

Organizational psychologist

Organizational psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with and deals with the work environment within organizations. These mental health professionals are the ones who take care of the emotional well-being and behavior of people within companies.

They are generally part of the human resources area and from there they perform different functions, such as:

  • Conduct interviews with applicants for new positions within the company.
  • Apply psychotechnical tests.
  • Develop, create job profiles and function manuals.
  • Carry out wellness campaigns in mental health.
  • They ensure a good organizational climate among all employees.
  • Provide strategies to improve worker performance taking into account the needs of each position.
  • Among other functions.
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Forensic psychologist, another branch of psychology

The forensic psychologist is one of the branches of psychology that investigates and evaluates people who have generally committed a crime or wrongdoing related to the judicial system.

In forensic psychology, reports are made on the mental health of the accused person; in order to analyze and evaluate the psychological profile of the subject in question.

Normally this type of specialists usually complement this knowledge with studies and specializations in law; since it is important that they also understand the legal norms of each investigated case.

These reports made by the forensic psychologist will be used as psychological evidence in court proceedings. Seeking to evaluate possible personality disorders of the accused or simply ruling them out, in addition to trying to discover if the accused is lying in his testimony.

Neuropsychology a specialty of psychology

What is neuropsychology

The branch of neuropsychology is in charge of studying human behavior in relation to the different functions performed by the brain; It is a specialization between part of neurology and psychology.

It is important to know that the nervous system in human beings is the basis of everything concerning the behavior of people.

The management of their emotions, the ability to communicate, the processing of thoughts, how substantial neuropsychology is as one of the branches of psychology.

Normally it is the one that performs brain rehabilitation, usually associated with the cognitive and emotional development of the person.

The main functions of these professionals are:

  • Assess the patient.
  • Carry out a clinical diagnosis of the patient’s cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning.
  • Develop a treatment for this.
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Sports and physical activity psychologist

It is one of the branches of psychology, which refers to sport and physical activity, it is the one that aims to implement strategies of the psychological and physical factors of athletes or people who perform sports.

It is usually more focused on high performance sports; although it is currently being implemented in other fields such as gyms and sports groups from different populations.

What this branch of psychology seeks is to improve the performance of athletes, observing their behavior, before, during and after performing sports activity; seeking and aiming to strengthen your mental and emotional capacity.

The sports psychologist can work with teams or individually.

Social and community psychologist

This is one of the branches of psychology that works in a more collective way; their way of working is with groups and almost always with highly vulnerable populations.

Social psychology is the one that focuses on observing how the collective can influence the individual; how people’s social contexts can interfere with their personal development.

Its objective is to generate changes in its environment; in order to seek a better quality of life and a healthy development in the mental health of the treated population.

As mentioned above, psychology has many branches, they can be performed in many areas; finally mental health is a priority in this age. In which we live with more haste, more stress, more anxiety and where we increasingly ratify the importance of enjoying emotional stability.

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