Broccoli properties and benefits

Broccoli is a plant of the Brassicaceae family, also called cruciferous

Broccoli have anticancer properties. This plant contains a series of substances with a particular beneficial effect. For example, diindolylmethane is an immune system modulator with an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effect.

He too broccoli It is an important source of indole-3-carbinol which stimulates the repair of DNA in affected cells and blocks the growth of cancer cells.

Healing benefits and properties of Broccoli:

– Traditional Chinese medicine recommends the broccoli to treat inflammation of the eyes and myopia.

– They claim that broccoli known for its bitter taste gives it diuretic properties.

– cancers of the lung, stomach, mouth, ovary, breast, vagina, colon and prostate.

– It is very rich in different potentially anticancer substances such as indoles, glucosinolates, beta carotene and C vitamin.

– The National Cancer Institute of the United States has classified it first in the list of vegetables with general anticancer properties, having been the subject of numerous investigations whose results certify it.

– As it is an excellent source of iron and beta-carotenebroccoli prevents anemia, especially among people who do not eat meat, such as vegetarians.

– Many women have iron stores below the recommended level of 500 mg. A significant portion of Western women do not have any iron stores, which can be the cause of complete anemia and the origin of severe fatigue, the inability to concentrate, and disorders of the immune system.

– Scientific research affirms that the body can absorb a third less iron from vegetables than from red meat, due to substances (phylates) that block the absorption of iron. Beta carotene in iron-rich vegetables, such as broccoli, has been found to help overcome this blockage and make iron available.

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– In addition, the broccoli helps reduce childhood infections, and its phytonutrients reduce the carcinogenic effects of tobacco smoke. By containing natural antioxidants that help against the potential damage that tobacco produces in the cells of the whole organism that is appeared to cellular aging that free radicals produce when their concentration is greater than the availability of antioxidants in the cell membrane.