can dogs eat cabbage

Cabbage is grown almost everywhere in the world. The vegetable variety is actually the second most grown vegetable in the world. Cabbage comes in an infinite number of varieties, such as red cabbage, savoy cabbage and Brussels sprouts. We, humans, love you, but can dogs eat cabbage? Is cabbage poisonous to dogs? Or is cabbage even healthy for dogs? We answer your questions!

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The nutritional values ​​of cabbage

Above all, cabbage contains a lot of antioxidants. These antioxidants are very good for your dog.

Can dogs eat cabbage?

Dogs are allowed to eat cabbage but only in small amounts and only cooked cabbage. Namely, raw cabbage contains thiocyanate. This substance suppresses the function of the thyroid gland. Thiocyanate can cause your dog to develop an underactive thyroid. If you cook raw cabbage, you render the substance thiocyanate harmless. Your dog can eat boiled cabbage without risk. But if he eats too much of it, he can get gas.

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Healing effect

  • Cancer prevention
  • good for digestion
  • good for the skin and fur

Should you go to the doctor?

Danger! Too much cabbage can cause gas, and raw cabbage can suppress the thyroid. There are always cases that your dog does not get along well with food such as cabbage. Always see your veterinarian when in doubt. The vet knows best how your dog is. The vet can also advise you best if your dog is not doing well. It can also tell if your dog is bloating or if the thyroid is suppressed. So he can treat your dog quickly if he gets sick from eating cabbage.

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Your dog Insurance

If your dog gets sick and needs treatment or medication from the vet, the costs are usually quite high. We also recommend that you take out dog insurance. Most of the time, dog health insurance is much cheaper than the cost of a veterinarian procedure. We advise you to take out dog insurance. Always compare the different dog insurances so that you always get the best price.

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