Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Symptoms and Treatment

Prolonged use of the mouse or computer mouse or its prolonged use in poor posture can trigger ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’.

The syndrome of the carpal tunnel is excessive pressure on the median nerve, the nerve of the wrist that allows sensitivity and hand movement.

This can cause   numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in the wrist and fingers . This tunnel is normally narrow, and is located in the wrist of the hand so that any inflammation can compress the nerve and cause pain, which is called carpal tunnel syndrome .

This syndrome develops when we repeat the same movement several times; The position of the head, the back, the feet, the correct lighting, the position of the screen, the keyboard are the factors to take into account when we use the computer for a long period. We must not use inappropriate positions or we will be more prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome .

One of the most common physical problems caused by “misuse” of computers is that which occurs when the mouse is used for an excessive amount of time or is used improperly. By resting the hand for a long time on the lower part of the wrist, we continually press the carpal tunnel area, which ends up causing an inflammation of the tendons in that area. This inflammation tends to reduce the space through which the nerve passes, which causes its compression.

When this occurs, the most frequent symptoms are: Clumsiness of the hand when grasping objects, pain and weakness in one or both hands that extends to the elbow and wrists, Numbness or tingling in the thumb and in the next two or three fingers of a or both hands spreading to the palm of the hands, coordination of fine movements, muscle damage.

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The first thing to do is consult a doctor to confirm us and give us an accurate diagnosis and we can start a treatment.

However, if apparently it is not serious, one of the most common measures recommended by the doctors themselves is something as simple as changing the mouse’s hand until the discomfort disappears and then alternating the use of both hands so as not to overload any of the mouse. the dolls.

You can try using a wrist gel mouse pad or mat, use different mice, specially designed to avoid these physical wrist disorders.

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