homemade masks for blackheads

8 homemade masks for blackheads

Blackheads are those closed comedones or whiteheads, which are the white-yellowish sebum found inside, while blackheads are open comedones and are the product of the clogging of pores by dead

Anti-wrinkle masks, hydrated skin

Many women suffer when they talk about “expression lines” if those same lines that appear over the years on our face, hands or neck, the passage of time does not

Natural conditioners for your hair

Moisturizing and caring for your hair is essential to have a good image, healthy hair with an excellent appearance, it is a sign that you are in good health, caring

4 Natural oils to take care of your skin and hair

Natural oils are an excellent alternative to care, hydrate, nourish, protect, regenerate, repair, and illuminate our skin, their nutritional and therapeutic properties contribute to both the health and the aesthetics