A practical guide to cannabis lubricant and What Are the Best CBD Lube 2020

CBD lube

CBD lube: So you read about cannabis lubricants and CBD lubricants and their magical effect on sex. So … is this real?

Will cannabis lube get me high? Where do I find it? What is the difference between cannabis lube and CBD-based lube? And is the cannabis lube safe to use on the vaginas, or the anus… or any orifice for that matter?

Here’s our comprehensive guide to cannabis lube – answering all your questions (and more!) As well as sharing other things you may not have thought of before taking your trip down this boulevard of pleasure.

How does cannabis lubricant work?

Basically, you apply it to your vulva, vagina, and/or anus, and you wait.

One great thing that causes a lot of people to stumble is that cannabis lube doesn’t instantly work in the same way as regular lube. Regular lubricant makes you slippery as soon as you use it.

But cannabis-based lube is not just literal lubrication. Your body takes time to absorb and activate the ingredients to feel the effects. If you try to use one and expect to see fireworks instantly, sorry, biology won’t be on your side. Put your pants back on, read a sexy story, and give yourself some time.

Some of these lubricants try to explain it by describing it as a “pre-lubricant” that takes at least 15-30 minutes to take effect … Although even that time depends on each person. Some people say that it takes an hour or more for the full effects to take place.

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Will the cannabis lube get me high?

Compared to CBD-only lubes, which definitely won’t get you high, it is possible (but not guaranteed) to experience a high with cannabis lube. Some people report a feeling of a slight high while others do not notice anything at all.

The likelihood of feeling a high depends on factors such as how much you use, the amount of THC in the lubricant, and your own body chemistry and tolerance. As mentioned, the effects are quite minor, if there are any, but it will be a milder sensation compared to if you were smoking, vomiting, or taking cannabis by mouth.

One more thing to keep in mind – if you have someone who performs oral sex on you right after you use the cannabis-based lube, yes, they can (really) get high on it, as they are using the cannabis via oral. In that case, the effect on them would be similar to having an edible.

What is the difference between cannabis lube and CBD lube?

They are quite different. The lubricant cannabis usually contains a mixture of THC and CBD. CBD lubricant contains only CBD – and is usually CBD derived from hemp or hemp seed, which is specifically grown without THC (to be legal).

Although both CBD and THC can be found in cannabis, they are different chemicals with different effects on the body. THC is the ingredient that gets you high, while CBD tends to make you feel more relaxed. (read this article if you want more information about the differences)

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That’s fine, but what does that mean to me?

Simply put, cannabis lube can be like riding the Roller Coaster at Disneyland. CBD lube can feel like riding a little Chicago wheel.

More seriously – cannabis lube contains THC, one of the main ingredients involved in getting you high. From our (very limited) case studies, we have found that THC appears to have more obvious physiological effects on pleasure and is more likely to result in more intense and multiple orgasms.

CBD can create feelings of relaxation, decrease anxiety, and potentially enhance sexual experiences through these means. Some people who have experienced painful sex have reported benefiting from the use of CBD lubricant. However, these effects appear to be more subtle than those of being “baked.”

The advantage of CBD-only products is that they can be purchased anywhere outside of a dispensary, in various stores both online and at the IRL, so it’s much easier to try them no matter where you are.

Is it safe to use cannabis lubricant in conjunction with latex?

Some cannabis lubricants are safe to use with latex, but not all. If you need it to be compatible with latex, don’t buy an oil-based one as it can degrade and break condoms, which could make you and your partner susceptible to STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Water-based lubes are the way to go here, and if you’re not sure, feel free to ask the manufacturer or your local sex toy store to be sure.

Can a man use cannabis lube?

We get asked a lot – presumably; this question means, “can someone with a penis use cannabis lube?”

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The answer is yes … ideally, if you receive it in the rectum. Lubricants will not have as much effect on the skin of the penis because it is much less absorbent than the vagina and vulva. However, like the vagina, the rectum is extremely capable of absorbing different ingredients – CBD and THC included. Foria makes CBD and THC suppositories that are perfect for this.

Where can I find cannabis lube?

In the United States, the only place you can find and buy any cannabis product is at a cannabis dispensary. It is not legal to sell cannabis products outside of licensed cannabis dispensaries or delivery services. Laws vary for cannabis depending on the state – some states have recreational cannabis while others only have medicinal (as in, you need a doctor’s card to buy and use cannabis).

What is the best cannabis lubricant?

Several commercially available cannabis lubricants are Foria Pleasure, Quim’s Latex-Safe Serum and Night Moves Oil, Kiskanu Intimate Oil, and Velvet Swing. Foria also produces Explore, a THC suppository that can be used vaginally or anally.