Coconut milk: Benefits, nutrition, and risks

Coconut milk not only accompanies some dishes for its good taste, coconut milk is recommended for its properties and benefits since it helps protect the body and heal internal and external conditions of our body.

Well, everything you do at home is better than buying a can in the supermarket, since you know its origin, you do not eliminate nutrients that they contribute to your body and you give yourself the pleasure and satisfaction of taking care of your health. So we are going to know the properties and benefits of this magnificent food and then we will know its preparation.

Properties and benefits of coconut milk

These are some of the properties and benefits of coconut milk:

Muscles and Nerves

Magnesium (0.9 mg per 100ml), calms the nerves and helps level blood pressure, also serves to relax and reduce muscle contraction.

Strong bones

Coconut milk is not rich in football, but yes in match. Remember that you must find another food that provides you with more calcium to achieve a balance. (You can supplement it with other food).

Improves skin

Helps counteract dry skin and blemishes. Has softening properties, has high amounts of Vitamin E which fights the aging of the skin.

Immune system

Thanks to its large number of C vitamin It helps us stay away from flu achieving better health.

Control the weight

Helps to control weight, due to its high content in fibers. It allows you to satisfy hunger and avoid feeling hungry for longer.

Other benefits

It is ideal for those with lactose intolerance, we also recommend the ALPISTE milk.

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Those who suffer from gastritis they can consume it, which is an excellent friend.

For people with anemia it is recommended to drink coconut milk. Each glass of coconut milk has a quarter of the daily requirement of iron.

Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis it is ideal as it contains selenium.

How to make coconut milk


  • 1 cup of coconut (the amount can vary here, some prefer it thick or more liquid, it depends on your taste!).
  • 1 liter to liter and a half of water.

Preparation and step by step and beware of the hammer!

  • We are going to split the coconuts, find the eyes of the coconut and pierce them so that the coconut water comes out and allows air to enter its interior, then with the help of a hammer you break them and proceed to cut and separate the white from the brown , cut into small squares.
  • You can save portions in special bags and direct to the freezer with that you use it for other occasions (there are places where they sell diced coconut, or scratched, if you get it, you avoid the hammer!).
  • When you have the coconut in squares, you can soak the coconut in water for a couple of hours (or boil it for a couple of minutes). In order to make it softer and easier to blend. When you’re done, let it cool for a couple of minutes.
  • Once the coconut is at its point we will use the blender, cover with water and blend well until you see no lumps, then strain, let it cool for 10 minutes and pour it into a jar, in the refrigerator and voila! there we have our coconut milk!
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