Crying improves our health 7 benefits

When you are angry or somewhat dissatisfied, do you prefer to hide and think that nothing is upsetting you and that everything is fine? Do you keep what you feel and repress your sadness? We inform you that you are making a mistake because it is not good for your health, since when you cry you release tension and stress.

Although tears have been considered as signs of weakness and insecurity, tears play an important emotional role, crying with joy, satisfaction, happiness, sadness, emotion, but also disappointment and pain, tears have their reason to be, both on an emotional level and on a pain level, when it comes to facilitating the release of negative thoughts.

A serious consequence of enduring crying is that we keep bad thoughts, generating negative feelings that lead to aggressiveness, it may seem like something normal, but we are generating anxiety disorders after blocking emotions and suppressing tears.

When we cry we reach a state of deep relaxation

The body changes from a state of great excitement to a more relaxed one and produces a feeling of well-being, after crying a feeling of relief, relief, rest appears, which releases the retained pressure.

Calms emotions and stabilizes breathing

Emotional crying plays a vital role in human development, the chemical reactions of tears activate certain hormones that produce a calming effect beneficial to the body by eliminating certain depressant substances produced by the feeling of sadness, it also stabilizes the rhythm of breathing of stressed people, who regularly have a high heart rate and excessive sweating.

Tears are a pain reliever

Stress leads you to an emotional overload when you feel tension and nerves, shedding tears removes a large part of adrenaline, norepinephrine and oxytocin, which stimulate endorphins, the body produces this type of hormones during crying, which work as a natural pain reliever, reducing pain and improving mood.

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Crying releases toxins

We are talking about emotional tears, not the crying generated by peeling onions, these serve as a natural therapy that helps us release toxins accumulated by stress.

It is a natural lubricant

Tears lubricate our eyes and eyelids and prevent dehydration of the mucous membranes, which is very important to maintain the sense of sight.

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Crying protect us from bacteria

Therefore, they protect us from germs that can cause colds and other diseases, tears have lysozyme, a fluid that kills bacteria in just five or ten minutes.

Crying is catharsis

Crying is a natural reaction that human beings have to express and vent anguish, depression, or any type of negative emotion, If a person does not release sad feelings through tears, it can cause damage to the limbic system of the brainTo the nervous system and to your cardiovascular health, accumulating anguish is as bad for your health as smoking.

Expressing frustrations, sadness and other emotions will not only make us feel better but it will also improve our mental and physical health, remember that not every day is gray and not all rains flood.

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