How to make a DIY crystal crown

Certain flower crowns might look beautiful; however, can they join you to a better state of consciousness (minus any mind-altering substances, that’s)? Sorry to burst your Bonnaroo bubble, however in my expertise, the replies at all times have been no—which may very well be why crystal crown have a second.

crystal crown

And it’s about far more than simply being supremely photogenic; what makes the super-striking accent so highly effective, says Energy Muse jewelry co-founder Heather Askinosie, is that it rests close to your third eye and crown chakra, the energetic facilities that are stated to control instinct and enlightenment. (Bear in mind, there’s a rising perception that crystals can shift your entire energetic state.)

“This will increase your connection to a better energy; to supply,” says the holistic healer and co-author of the forthcoming e-book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You ($20). “These instruments have been around for a really very long time, and it’s as a result of they’re in a position to open us as much as this unseen world of power that’s extraordinarily highly effective.”

When you can rating dreamy crowns from designers like Judy&Madeleine, Crowns & Wreaths, and GemsAndBones, going the DIY route is definitely simpler than you’d assume—and no scarcity of moments warrant a woo-woo headpiece.

“There are so many events to put on a crystal crown: a birthday celebration, a marriage, a new moon circle, whereas meditating,” says Askinosie. “Actually, any occasion, the place you need to really feel extra tapped in.”

Better of all? You by no means have to fret about them wilting.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to making your own crystal crown.

Step 1: Select your stones.

An important half, says Askinosie, is choosing the right crystals in your crown. She’s a huge fan of selenite because it’s believed to be aligned with the moon’s power. However, there are many others that vibe effectively along with your higher chakras.

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“Clear quartz, moonstone, labradorite, lepidolite, aura crystals, fluorite, or amethyst are essentially the most highly effective and useful,” she says. “Any stones that carry the intention of opening you as much as the cosmos and that higher-frequency power.”

Oh, and also, you’ll need to get crystal points with holes pre-drilled in them—search for ones designed for use as necklace pendants. “You too can collect beads and such that you just’d like so as to add,” says Askinosie.

Step 2: Construct the crown.

Subsequent, it’s time to play metaphysical Martha Stewart. Per Askinosie, the only strategy to create a crystal crown at the house is to make use of a metal headband at the bottom. She recommends utilizing wire—discovering a gauge that may match by means of the holes of the crystals. String your crystal factors and beads onto the wire in the sample you need in your crown. (You too can wire-wrap crystals without holes—it simply takes a somewhat bit extra time and endurance.)

Then, take that wire and start wrapping it around your steel headband in order that the crystals and beads level upwards on the headscarf. You might just get one other piece of wire to save the crystals in place if wanted. Be happy to brighten as a lot or as little as you need.

Step 3: Charge it up. – crystal crown

Every time you put on your crown, Askinosie recommends taking a number of steps to prep. “As with all crystal, you need to cleanse the crown—you can use sage or place it out within the solar—give it a job, set your intention, and put your power into it [by holding it for a bit],” she says.


And you need to give it the identical love after taking it off at night time. “If you happen to carry your crown as a sacred ritual object, wrap it in 100 % silk, so it’s not getting contaminated by different energies,” Askinosie says. “As in something, the extra you maintain one thing in respect and sacredness, the extra it’ll maintain that house for you.” Contemplate your DIY challenge as a crowning achievement.