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Curly Hair Tarantula: Keeping and Caring Guide

The curly hair tarantula has a spherical body that is covered with long bristles which have a slight curl—therefore the spider’s frequent name. Many of the bristles are a darkish brown to black, however, some are golden. This provides the spider a general bronze sheen. Curly hair tarantulas are ground-dwelling, burrowing spiders native to Central America. And plenty of is bred in captivity for the pet commerce. These spiders are typically calm, hardy, and easy to take care of, making them ultimate for many who are new to elevating tarantulas as pets. They require housing that mimics their pure habitat, along with dwell prey. And whereas some individuals do deal with their tarantulas, they’re largely hands-off pets.

Curly Hair Tarantula Behavior and Temperament

These tarantulas make terribly mellow and quiet pets. You may even discover them boring should you anticipated an energetic animal. A curly hair tarantula will transfer around its enclosure and may even rearrange among the gadgets you present, such as items of bark. However, for the most half, your spider will sit in a restful state until it’s looking its prey.

Furthermore, curly hair tarantulas are simply spooked, so you need to keep any dealing with to a minimum. Some spiders will not thoughts sitting in your hand or arm, as long as you deal with them very calmly and gently. It is best to sit on the ground when dealing with these animals in case they do get scared and attempt to flee. A fall from even a number of ft can significantly injure or kill them.

If they really feel threatened, curly hair tarantulas additionally may use their protection mechanisms. They will kick hairs off their abdomens that may irritate a person’s pores and skin and trigger harm in the event that they get in your eyes. That is why it is crucial to scrub your arms well (and do not rub your eyes) after dealing with a tarantula or something in its enclosure. And whereas they’re typically docile, curly hair tarantulas additionally may chew to defend themselves. Their chew contains a light venom that may cause local ache, redness, and swelling in most individuals—similar to a bee sting. However, some individuals can have extra severe allergic reactions, reminiscent of trouble respiratory.

Hold pet tarantulas away from some other animals in the home, as well as younger children who may inappropriately deal with them. Curly hair tarantulas are solitary animals and should not even be housed with different spiders of their very own species. Anticipate spending a number of hours per week on feedings and cleansing. And then simply get pleasure from observing this attention-grabbing creature.

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Housing the Curly Hair Tarantula

A 5- to 10-gallon tank is appropriate for curly hair tarantulas. These tarantulas aren’t massive climbers, so floor house is extra vital than the top. The width of the tank ought to be at the very least two to a few instances greater than the leg span of the spider.

Add a layer of at the very least three inches of peat moss, chemical-free potting soil, or vermiculite to the underside of the tank. An alternative choice is coconut husk bedding, which is accessible at many pet shops. Then, add items of cork bark, a whole log, and even half of a small clay flower pot to function a hiding spot to your spider.

Hold the tank between 75 and 85 levels Fahrenheit. You should utilize a heating pad below the tank to take care of the suitable temperature, which you need to monitor commonly with a thermometer. Hold the tank out of direct daylight. Furthermore, this tarantula wants a humidity degree in its tank that is around 65 to 70 p.c, which you’ll be able to measure with a hygrometer. If you want to elevate the humidity, mist the tank with clear water in a twig bottle.

Take away any uneaten prey after 24 hours to maintain the enclosure clear. Additionally, monitor for mildew progress, which can happen due to the humidity. In case you discover any mildew starting to develop on the bedding, take away that portion instantly. Anticipate doing a full change of the bedding each 4 to 6 months.

Meals and Water

Curly hair tarantulas eat dwell crickets, roaches, waxworms, and different bugs. The bugs ought to be no bigger than the scale of your tarantula’s physique. You can also give grownup tarantulas the occasional pinky mouse. Younger tarantulas typically will want feedings each two to 5 days whereas adults eat roughly as soon as every week. Consult your veterinarian for the suitable variety and amount of meals to present to your explicit animal. 

Merely drop the prey into the enclosure close to your spider. It’s advisable to do the feedings within the evening when the spider is extra energetic and able to eat. Simply be sure to take away unwanted prey inside 24 hours, or it truly can stress your spider.

Curly hair tarantulas get most of their hydration from their meals. However, you still ought to provide a shallow dish of water within the enclosure. Make sure that the spider can simply climb out and in of the dish.

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Common Health Issues

Tarantulas sometimes don’t face many well-being issues when kept within the appropriate environment and fed the correct diet. But when your spider has change into lethargic or isn’t consuming, consult the veterinarian that can assist you in determining the root cause.

As a rule, those behaviours are an indication that your spider is on the brink of moult. Throughout a moult, a tarantula sheds its exoskeleton and kinds a brand new one. And lots of spiders molt while mendacity on their backs with their legs curled up, which some homeowners who aren’t familiar with the method can mistake for a spider dying. The precise molt is full in a number of hours. However all the course of can take weeks. The brand new exoskeleton should harden to change into protective for the spider. Nonetheless, if you suppose your spider’s molt is taking longer than it ought to or otherwise appears irregular, discuss this along with your vet.

Purchasing Your Curly Hair Tarantula

Pet curly hair tarantulas are authorized to maintain in most areas, although certain local legal guidelines and landlords may limit them. You typically can discover this species at pet shops. But it’s typically simpler to undergo a reputable breeder or unique pet rescue group. An area unique animal veterinarian may be able to direct you to vendor. Anticipate paying between $20 and $50 on common. 

The vendor should be capable of giving you info on the animal’s origin and well being. It’s finest to watch the spider in person earlier than committing. Make sure it’s energetic with shiny hairs and a spherical stomach. An uninteresting or shrivelled look typically indicates illness. If potential, ask to see the spider eat.

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