Different types of headaches
Different types of headaches

We have all suffered from a wide range of headaches and know that these vary significantly from the mildly uncomfortable to the truly debilitating type. As there are many different types of headaches, so there are many different treatments. 

Headaches can be prompted by just about anything. Your teenage child coming home with an extra earring can be enough to prompt a headache, just as the smell of some chemicals will induce a similar physical reaction While your children can cause many headaches.

The treatment for these is not usually something to worry about, a mild over the counter pain relief will help, or even better, send the kids away for a weekend to the grandparents – that can work a treat! While some headaches require quite a lot of attention to get under control.  

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Headaches can also last different periods, sometimes we only really notice a headache when it gets painful, but it may have been lurking around for a day or so beforehand. And we were so busy that it was manageable, and once the pain level increases to the point of intrusion in our lives, do we start to consider treatment. The many different types of headaches and their many treatments can be a cause of headache in itself.

 Of the many different types of headaches, many consider the migraine to be the worst. Some people are unlucky enough to develop migraines as early as their teenage years. Migraines are usually caused by the chemicals released in the head when arteries squeeze nerves. These headaches can last for several days, and the people affected by migraines are often useless while the headache persists.

These headaches can be treated with ice placed appropriately and with relaxation exercises in some cases. Other cases need to be treated with medication. These headaches can affect someone sufficiently severe that they are incapable of continuing their lives and need to rest until the headache passes. Fortunately, much research into the different types of headaches, especially migraines, and advice is more readily available now for migraine sufferers. 

Different Types Of Headaches Should Be Diagnosed If Persistent

Different types of headaches require different types of care. Some headaches can be treated over the counter medications, while other headaches go away naturally after a good sleep or relaxation. Different types of headaches could be an indication of a severe condition, so people with persistent or severe headaches should consult their physician.

Problems with the sinuses cause some headaches, and these can be triggered by exposure to different elements. A sinus headache can usually be treated with decongestants for speedy relief.

Cluster headaches are one of the different headaches that can be hard to diagnose as they may seem like a migraine. These headaches can last from thirty min to several hours. Some people can experience several cluster headaches in one day.

These headaches are usually extremely painful and debilitating to those who suffer. It is often hard to sit still or sleep with a cluster headache. Several medications can bring relief for cluster headache sufferers. Some of these medications will prevent a cluster headache, while other medications will provide relief after the headache appears.

Remember that there are many different types of headaches, and only you know how much pain you are in and what you can safely manage to do, so you must take responsibility for your pain relief.

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