Dog breeds with blue eyes: What causes blue eyes in dogs?

Dog breeds with blue eyes have always caught our attention. It’s not that they are everyone’s favorite dogs. We just can’t stop looking at them and are intrigued to know what causes blue eyes in dogs.

dogs with blue eyes

Why do some dogs have blue eyes?

Today we are going to talk specifically about this topic. We will also show you the most popular blue-eyed dog breeds. Of course, it is important to understand why some dogs have blue eyes, and some do not.

It should be noted that this characteristic of blue eyes is present in many breeds. We can mention, for example, the English shepherd, dachshunds, or the Border collie. For these breeds, blue eyes are a recessive trait.

A genetic mutation causes blue eyes in dogs.

This means that two genetic variants must be present for a dog to have blue eyes. Multiple research has shown that these genetic variants are related to coat color.

More specifically, with the merle color shades. That is to say, spots of mottled color. Also, with the white coat with colored spots. However, these genes alone are not the cause of blue eyes in Siberian Eskimos or Australian Shepherds.

To find the underlying cause of blue eyes in dogs. The researchers compared more than 214,000 genetic markers from more than 3,180 dogs. Both purebred and mixed breed dogs were included.

The research revealed two important associations with blue eyes. The first has to do with canine chromosome 10. That is, the gene related to the merle color pattern.

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The other link was found at a position on chromosome 18, which had not been described before. Upon closer investigation, the scientists discovered a duplicated fragment of genetic material.

This fragment was in close proximity to a gene that is considered to be critical in eye development. A DNA analysis of 2,890 dogs confirmed the strong link between the genetic mutation and blue eyes in dogs.

What are the most popular blue-eyed dog breeds?

Now it’s time for you to learn about the dog breeds that have blue eyes and are the most popular in the world.

8 dog breeds with blue eyes

The Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is considered to be one of the most popular blue-eyed dogs. They are also known to be one of the best dogs for biking. They are also dogs with a lot of strength and determination.

They are obviously popular because of their blue eyes, but also because of their light-colored coats. They also tend to be dogs that love adventure.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is another of the blue-eyed dog breeds. They are excellent at helping farmers with the herd and, of course, they stand out because of their blue eyes. However, it must be said that not all Australian Shepherds have blue eyes.

You can often find Australian Shepherds with almond-blue, amber, or brown eyes.



Dalmatians are a breed of dog with blue eyes that are also very popular. They are easy to identify because of their polka-dotted coat, but also because they often have only one blue eye.

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However, it is important to mention that breeding Dalmatians with blue eyes is not recommended at all. In most cases, this results in deaf puppies.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Besides being one of the dog breeds with the best sense of smell, the German Shepherd also stands out for its blue eyes. As with Dalmatians, they can have one or both blue eyes.

While many dog breeders avoid crossbreeding the blue-eyed German Shepherd. There is no information indicating any health problems or defects. In fact, they are considered to be completely healthy dogs.



Popularly known as a dachshund, the Dachshund can also have blue eyes. However, their default eye color is brown. Pigmentation, health and genetics are known to play a major role in changing their eye color.

They are dogs that are recommended for all families. However, there are some dachshund health considerations to consider.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Traditionally, a breed of dog was bred for agricultural work. It is noted for its high level of activity, notwithstanding its short legs. As for the color of their eyes, they are often bluish-gray.

They are also characterized by being dogs with coats of different colors. Some have red fur, others black, even brindle. Although they are surprisingly fast and agile, they steal the eye mainly because of their blue eyes.

Border Collie

Border Collie

Besides being one of the blue-eyed dog breeds, they are also one of the most intelligent dogs. Initially, it was thought that their blue eyes were a consequence of a Husky ancestor.

However, it is now known that the blue color in their eyes is a physical trait ingrained in this breed. It is also common for Border Collies to have different eye colors.

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This dog breed is not only notable for its blue eyes. It is also a dog that attracts attention because of its silver-gray coat. In fact, its coat is its most distinctive feature. Especially because not all of them have blue eyes.

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