The most empathetic and understanding zodiac signs

All people are empathetic and there are some who try to be to earn a degree more in their level of spirituality, but they are not entirely natural. However, there are those who do not need to say it to realize that the level of empathy they possess is such that they literally feel the emotion of their peers..

The most empathetic and understanding zodiac signs

Just because you’re empathetic doesn’t mean you’re a better human being, you’re just more sensitive to other people’s emotions and you’re open to listening to them.

The Royal Spanish Academy defines empathy as” the ability to identify with someone and share their” and astrology managed to identify those signs that have this highly developed quality.

The most empathetic signs of the zodiac


It seems that Taurus are the least emotional, but the reality is that they are very sensitive. They receive people’s feelings with special affection to the extent of creating a connection, although they are not entirely proud of this: they do not want people to know that they are empathetic. They’re just there for whatever they need, they take the pain, they feel it, and they channel it trying to be helpful.


They are not usually empathetic, but when they do they can feel more pain than the person who has the problem. That is why they are usually elusive when they perceive that someone is suffering, but they will always be available to help and will do so sincerely.


The perfection and coldness of virgos is a protective mechanism against the great empathy they feel for others. What happens to their peers can cause them the same pain and not only with human beings, they are usually very sensitive to animal causes; if they see that a creature is in danger they will feel great torture.

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Like Taurus, they are people who do not express emotions, they seem cold and aggressive, but behind that shield there is affection, sensitivity and empathy. The way they express it is by helping and motivating those who suffer that pain. They are great friends who do everything for them, but their quality is not to be careful pointing out mistakes, so they can seem aggressive.


When it comes to empathy they are like a parent taking care of their child. They care about those around them, they feel the pain and they can’t stand it, they will do everything necessary to make it over. That is why their attitude is very cheerful, they want others to be happy and do not conceive the idea that there is a sad person. However, when their empathy is not appreciated they tend to get angry.


They are truly empathetic beings, sensitive to the pains of people close to them; you don’t need to tell them that you are suffering inside to make them aware of it and that is that they are compulsive to help. They are usually very loved because they transmit peace and tranquility, but they do not let others be overwhelmed by them.

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