Evolution of human eating habits

Both the diet and the physical activity of our ancestors were very complete, on the contrary, today we find processed and refined foods that affect our body without talking about the sedentary lifestyle to which we are exposed.

The energy that humans need comes from food and there must be an energy balance, it is the ideal. Of the energy that enters the organism and the energy that it expends by concept of basal metabolism (set of processes that occur within the organism and have as functionality the transformation of energy), physical activity and thermal effect of food (Energy that is required for digestion, transport, metabolism and storage of food and nutrients). When talking about positive balance it refers to an income higher than the energy expended and this leads to an increase in weight due to accumulated fat and when speaking of negative balance it refers to an income of energy less than the amount that is expended, therefore, weight loss is generated as the body is forced to spend reserves from fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Our ancestors consumed food that came from hunting, therefore they had a source of protein food base, polyunsaturated fatty acids with a good content of linolenic acid, also monounsaturated fats, adequate consumption of fiber, vitamins and minerals from natural food, in short, a healthy diet. For this reason, previously there were no cardiovascular diseases and in general primitive man was healthy.

In the second half of the 20th century, sedentary lifestyle became customary , especially in the industrialized world, thus having at our disposal a large amount of processed and refined foods with a high content of chemicals and other substances that affect the body when consumed. in exaggerated amounts facilitating states of overweight and obesity. These foods are subjected to processes such as refining which causes them to lose a large part of their nutritional value (vitamins and minerals), for example in the case of rice, to facilitate cooking, they remove the fiber and, incidentally, the nutrients, leaving the starch and calories. empty, that is, they do not contain nutrients, so it is preferable to consume brown rice because it is a good source of protein, vitamin B and magnesium.

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Another factor that differs a lot with respect to the physical activity of our ancestors is that they had to carry out many activities that implied physical effort, for example: running, climbing, gathering fruits, hunting, transporting water from the cistern to the home, cutting firewood among many others. activities that were equivalent to exercises such as aerobics, resistance, stretching. That is to say that those people who have a discipline and perform their exercises either at home or in the gym are more likely to lead a healthier life and therefore avoid diseases, and on the contrary, those who do not should try to do so. So be it in short times and progressively complete the routine until it is completely established,cheer up! Otherwise there will be a predisposition to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases , we must raise awareness because with the appearance of television, automobile computers, among other articles, the habits of the population changed, mainly in the urban sector. where a large part of the population uses these elements in work activity or as recreation.

As a suggestion or nutritional guide we have:

Grains: Eat at least 3 ounces a day of whole grain cereals, breads, crackers, rice, or pasta.

Vegetables: Consume vegetables, dark green and orange, consume beans and peas.

Oils: Preferably from fish, nuts, vegetable oils. Limit consumption of solid fats like margarine, shortening, butter and fat.

Dairy: Preferably low in fat, in case of lactose intolerance choose other sources of calcium such as almond milk, soy, among others.

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