7 things you need to know before putting on eyelash extensions for the first time

Eyelash extensions are a good solution if you want to show off an impressive look from the moment you get out of bed, but to be safe you must go to a trained and certified professional in the field. It is also important to take into account other factors, since its application may not be good for everyone, it is better that you inform yourself and be prepared for what it means to use them for the first time.

Unlike false eyelashes that are temporary and only require one strip, extensions consist of individual lashes that are attached to the natural ones, one at a time. It is for this reason that the process is a bit delayed, but it is worth the wait if you want to beautify your natural eyelashes and save yourself a great eye makeup, since with them you will be presentable at any time of the day if you have the necessary care.

Eyelash extensions 

Using eyelash extensions provides both benefits and possible disadvantages, so you should evaluate the situation to see if it is a good option for your lifestyle or if you are actually willing to assume what its application requires. Here we explain those things you should know if you want to get into this fashion.

1-They must be applied by a good professional

This type of eyelashes can only be done by a certified person so that the result is of quality and above all safe, remember that the eye area is a very sensitive part. Proper technique, products and tools should be used, be sure to find out all about the venue before attending the appointment. Once you are in the room, ask about the ingredients of the glue and if everything is sterile. If you notice that the environment is not clean and the person does not answer your questions, it is best not to continue with that appointment.

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2-You cannot remove them yourself

Eyelashes will fall out on their own, but if at a certain point you no longer like them and don’t want to have them then you should seek help. It is not advised that you remove them yourself, this can make the situation worse by removing your natural lashes. Just as the application must be in charge of a professional, getting rid of them is also a process. In this case, they will use a glue remover that you must leave on for several minutes.

If for some reason you can’t see a professional and can’t stand it anymore, try applying a warm compress to your eyes or steaming your face, then using olive or sesame oil on a cotton swab. Start loosening being very careful not to knock over the actual lashes. So no rush for now, you must be patient.

3-It requires several cares

After putting on eyelashes you must follow certain cares so that they last and stay beautiful until the next appointment. Consider detangling the lashes with a brush, it is also likely that you will start to change the products you used for the face, especially the eyes. For example those that are oil-based, since they can damage the adhesive more quickly. Similarly, it is better to avoid any pressure in the area.

4-You do not need to use mascara 

One of the advantages of eyelash extensions is that there is no need for a mascara, since they will have enough volume according to your tastes. In addition, this will save you a little time each morning or the times you have to leave the house if your schedule is busy, as well as when removing makeup. You will also not need false eyelashes, problems with glue and them to fall easily. One of the reasons that eyelash extensions are used is precisely that, avoiding constant mascara.

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5-There is a great variety

There are different options when thinking about wearing eyelash extensions, as all this depends on what you want. For example, you can choose the type of curvature or curl, the length and the thickness, they are also made of various materials including synthetic or something more natural like silk. Then they are placed with special glue for eyelashes or surgical that is resistant to water and does not irritate, resists sweat and grease.

6-There is a risk of irritation 

Most of the complications with eyelash extensions are due to a skin reaction or allergy to the chemicals present in the glue, as well as the unsanitary conditions of the place. These symptoms can include stinging, burning in the area, swelling and red eyes, so if you have an underlying condition you should avoid them. To reduce the risks, ask the professional for a list of the ingredients to use, it is not good to use adhesives that have formaldehyde, also if you are allergic to latex make sure it is not in the products.

Pay attention that the cosmetologist uses surgical glue and not nail glue, that he washes his hands, sterilizes the equipment, offers you clean towels. Ideally, if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, you should request a patch test on your arm days before the procedure to assess the reaction.

7-They need maintenance

These extensions are designed to last through the average growth cycle of your natural lashes, which could be between 6 weeks and 2 months maximum. However, during this time a touch-up is necessary so that they always look fresh, equal and natural, so if you want to have beautiful eyelashes for longer it will not only be a matter of applying them and now, they require maintenance.

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