The 12 foods that do help you burn fat (if you eat them like this)

fat burning foods: When it comes to losing weight and burning fat, not everything goes. There are no miracle remedies or shortcuts. Eating less, eating a healthy diet and exercising are the only things that will help you lose weight and get rid of those extra pounds.

That said, let’s talk about some foods that, if you include them in your menus or in your dietary habits, and if you avoid a sedentary lifestyle, can accelerate fat loss, since they activate mechanisms in your body that generate more caloric expenditure or, because they have few calories, do not increase the accumulation of fat. Let’s start with those that, perhaps, are less known to burn fat. The spicy ones.

fat burning foods
fat burning foods

Chili, cayenne and other spices

These foods contain a substance, capsaicin, which helps to activate the metabolism, raises body temperature and increases caloric expenditure. In the long run, it can contribute to burning more fat and losing weight. This was the finding of research published in the journal Proteomics. The work pointed out that this substance can prevent the accumulation of fat because it stimulates proteins that degrade it and prevents others that work in the synthesis of lipids from decreasing their action.

Cinnamon and other spices

Adding spices to your dishes is a very smart choice to subtract calories and to increase thermogenesis, the process by which the body generates heat and metabolizes food. This is again due to capsaicin, which has also been shown to have beneficial properties. For example, it may protect against cancer.

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Choose spices such as curry, mustard, garlic, cloves, pepper or ginger. All of them will give a more exotic touch to your dishes, in addition to avoiding other sauces containing sugar, fats, or cream. Over time, you will avoid weight gain and lose weight.


Grapefruit is one of the best fat-burning foods. It is ideal for detoxifying, especially if taken on an empty stomach or between meals. It is a diuretic and a laxative. But it also has toning and appetite-stimulating properties, making it suitable for people who have difficulty gaining weight. It is also rich in fiber and vitamin C, and in calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It contains only 39 calories per 100 grams.


Celery contains hardly any calories (only 6 in each stalk) and energy is burned in the digestion process. In addition, it is rich in fiber and requires more time to chew, so it helps with appetite control.

Therefore, celery is an excellent food to burn fat, purify the body and also lose weight.

Add it to your salads or eat it raw with light cheese. It is an excellent appetizer that also provides postassium, phosphorus, and sodium, and vitamins A and C.


It is one of the most effective fruits for activating intestinal transit and against constipation. It improves digestion and combats the bad feeling you get after a heavy meal. In addition, pineapple is also a good snack and a good ally in a diet to lose weight and burn fat. On the other hand, bromelain, a substance found in this food, has other properties: it improves circulation and gastrointestinal disorders.

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Besides being an excellent snack and a really healthy food to eat at any time of day, apples are also digestive, combating constipation thanks to pectin, a fiber that also helps burn fat.

Green tea

Green tea can help you absorb body fat. It contains alkaloids with stimulating actions on the nervous system. Some studies have seen that it increases caloric expenditure and fat oxidation. In addition, it helps to reduce the abdominal perimeter, that is, the fat accumulated in the belly area, which is very dangerous because it increases the risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

It also contains B vitamins and mineral salts such as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, among others.

Homemade broth

A good homemade broth made with vegetables and poultry meat is another good way to combat excess fat, lose weight and maintain a good state of health. Fat-free broths also satiate, so you will eat less. Avoid adding salt and additives.

Complex carbohydrates

Whole grains and legumes provide a lot of energy and the body needs more heat to metabolize them. That is why it is said that they are very good foods for burning fat and accelerating metabolism.

But studies also add that a diet rich in these foods can help fight abdominal fat, which is the one that predisposes to cardiovascular problems.

Nor can we forget other complex carbohydrates such as greens and vegetables, essential in a healthy diet.


Proteins from meat, eggs, or fish, in the context of a healthy diet, can also work as foods that favor the elimination of body fat. Of course, if you are going to eat lean meat, it should be chicken or turkey, boneless and without skin. As for fish, any fish will help you lose weight, as long as the rest of the diet is healthy.

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In this list of foods that help you burn fat and lose weight, we can not forget water, an essential nutrient for the body.

It is necessary for life, but also contributes to accelerating the natural purification of the body, releasing toxins and burning more fat.

You should drink between six and eight glasses a day. You can choose to consume one with half a lemon squeezed on an empty stomach to detoxify first thing in the morning.

You can drink water infused with horsetail, Oolong tea, anise, and Pu-erh or red tea as they also contribute to burning fat.


Besides being an excellent source of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps you stop the action of free radicals, lemon is also a good ally for burning fat, since it stimulates the functions of organs such as the pancreas or liver to increase the accumulated fat.

You should know, however, that warm water with lemon taken on an empty stomach is not a degreaser. But it does hydrate and provide vitamins.