Gestures denouncing betrayal

Behavior is also a science. Although it is not a rule, most men and women who are unfaithful show a certain pattern of behavior. The success of a relationship is trust, and it is difficult to evolve when there is the shadow of infidelity.

Check out the list below and learn about the behaviors that can reveal disloyalty. Make an honest analysis of these 10 points and see if you are facing a man with a tendency to cheat.

10 common gestures of those who commit infidelity in relationships

10 common gestures of those who commit infidelity in relationships

Instability in their behavior

Be attentive to your partner’s behavior. Many men change their behavior when they have something to hide. No one drastically changes their behavior without a good reason.

Frequent forgetfulness

Has your better half gone from being someone who always remembered everything to a state of general amnesia? Celebrations and anniversaries have not only stopped mattering to him, but he also forgets about them? Be careful!


Men with a tendency to betray are usually men who have some kind of addiction. Gambling, smoking, drugs and drinking are some examples.


These types of people are on top of the world. Only they know, only they know, only they are the ones who think what is right.


Those who betray believe they are the greatest example of perfection. Fortunately, there are those who can deprive you of your company!


This sounds like a contradiction! The feeling of power is often accompanied by attitudes that show insecurity. This may even be one of the reasons why you gave in to betrayal.

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Lack of respect for his mother

How is it possible that someone who does not respect his mother can respect you?

Gratuitous criticism

Everything about you has a flaw and nothing you do is right. Do you recognize this pattern?

Excessive jealousy

When someone starts hiding the phone and changing passwords to get onto the computer, it’s suspicious. If every question is answered with a rock in your hand, leaving the feeling in the air that you want to know too much, be suspicious.

Natural-born seducer

Lately, you may seem like the biggest slob, but when it comes to meeting friends and family, you become meek. Beware of such perfection, if it’s just to please others and disguise problems.

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