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How to Submit a Successful Guest Post?

I’m so glad to hear that you’re interestedin guest posting for Wellbeingstyle.com. I am Nelle, the editor! Now, we are accepting guest posts as long as they follow the criteria outlined on our page. Guest posting is always about mutual benefit, that said, we do reserve the right to decline guest post submissions based on content, values, and difference in the market. We’re happy to host your guest post if it is something that our readers will benefit from and something that they will connect to.

What does this mean? We have a strict, no spamming policy.

To be accepted, your post must be genuine, ideally SEO friendly, and not contain any third-party affiliate links – NO EXCEPTIONS. 

What Are We Looking for In a Guest Post?

It’s pretty simple, and we’re looking for rockstar writers who’re talking about THEIR industry/interests and connecting it personally to our readers. Please look around our site, check out how we talk to our readers and make sure your submission works. It should be casually written, with a “talking to your girlfriend across the table” vibe.

The Topics we LOVE in Guest Posts.

  • Love & Relationship Advice Guest Posts (that relates to health)
  • Health, Fitness, Food News
  • Health Issues
  • Yoga: styles, flows, practice pointers, etc.
  • Women’s Psychology and Interest Pieces
  • Personal Transformation Stories
  • Lifestyle and Fitness Stories
  • Expert Testimony and Advice

Image Guidelines 

  • Original images only that you took/made yourself and (no stock photography permitted)
  • One Image in the resolutions of – 1200 x 628

Content Requirements for Guest Blogging

  • At least a thousand words are covering a properly scoped project.
  • Spellcheck and grammar check your word document.
  • Specify the Long tail Keyword and use a program like rank math or Yoast to optimize the article.

Copyright for Guest Posts

Wellbeing style site will own the complete copyright in your content (writing and media.) You grant a perpetual, non-revokable license to wellbeing style to edit, share, revise, distribute any of the articles you submit.

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