Healthy habits to practice every morning

Mornings are not easy, we wake up and immediately start our daily routine. For this reason it is ideal to create healthy habits that lead us to have better days and change negative thoughts into positive ideas, if you manage to implement these habits in the morning you will notice great physical and mental changes.

Be thankful

Feeling gratitude and appreciation for those little moments of joy that have happened in your life is probably one of the things that we do the least and it is the perfect ritual to start the day with positive energy, starting the morning by thanking for the good times helps to clear your mind, and get in tune with the new day that you are about to start.

Sleep well and get up early

For your body to receive a true rest, it is ideal to have quality sleep, that is why we want to tell you that your day really begins the night before, so make sure you are sleeping before midnight, although commitments and obligations sometimes do not. They allow you to sleep well, with a suitable environment and temperature, because when your body does not, it fills up with toxins and health problems will come with time.

Did you know that at 6:00 in the morning your bowel and bladder are ready to be emptied, this will prevent an accumulation of toxins, if you modify your routines you will have better days.

Wash your tongue well “brush it”

Brush your tongue to make sure you remove the residue out of it, this not only removes bad breath in the morning, but it will also help you make the transition from sleep to the vitality and energy that the day requires and as an added benefit you will taste better the food.

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Take a cup of hot water and add lemon

Drinking a cup of hot water with lemon is the first step to help the body get rid of the accumulation of toxins in a natural way, if you are worried about acidity you can add a teaspoon of honey and voila you end the problem, there is no excuse not to.

This mixture potentiates the work of your digestive system, speeds up your metabolism and helps to hydrate the body after a night of sleep, the lemon provides enzymes in the liver so that it can prepare for the meals that will follow during the day, the hot water with lemon it has clear benefits that you will be able to feel throughout the morning.

Do physical activity

Although many people think that exercise is exhausting, exercise is a necessity and it is most advisable to do it during the morning, exercise allows us to get rid of toxins from the body through sweat, it also allows our joints and muscles to stretch and stretch. this way we get them to prepare for daily activities. Taking a short jog, or a few simple exercises at home, is a key element to a productive start that will mark an active life.

One of the exercises that most activate the body is jumping rope or rope as they stimulate your lymphatic system and the drainage of retained fluids, helping you feel lighter and full of energy.

Shower with lukewarm water and brush your body

A warm water bath helps to have a feeling of freshness, dynamism and improves circulation, bringing more blood to the internal organs and tissues, which produces good blood flow, stimulates the metabolism and therefore the immune system, that is, strengthens defenses and makes it easier for the body to fight viruses and other diseases.

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Dry brushing helps improve circulation and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smoother.

Drink a delicious green smoothie

It will help to increase your energy levels in the morning, spinach, celery, cucumber, kale, or some other green vegetable provides phytonutrients, fiber and minerals, which not only feed you, they also provide you with better digestion and you will be fill (or) longer.

Listen to positive music

Positive music can have a direct impact on our mood, emotionally it tunes us into a more positive perspective of the day ahead, being selective and aware of the music we listen to in the morning can have a great impact on your day and life in general.

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Don’t forget to meditate

When we meditate, we are re-evaluating our life situations, we begin to unlock the realities of our lives and feel the internal energy within us.

Write down the things that you appreciate, try to be grateful for the things you have around you no matter how small they are, it is through the little things that we will be able to be happy and get what we want.

Do not forget to put these tips into practice, you will notice an important change in your life, in this way you will be able to maintain a healthy body and mind.