The Night Time Nancy’s Simple Guide to healthy late night snacks

healthy late night snacks

The Nutrition in Life

It’s time, we need to talk about this eating at bedtime thing, you and I. If there’s one thing that you can easily control in the effort to be fit for life, it’s watching what you eat at bedtime. Bedtime snacking is my guilty pleasure! I cannot help it, and I know that parents out there also struggle with their kids and healthy late night snacks.

The simplest solution is to not try and sit and be hungry when you’d otherwise eat. Instead, the simple way to handle things is to just eat easily digestible foods and drink bedtime teas at night, so that instead of giving yourself sugary snacks that are going to spend all night absorbing into fat, you’re giving your body fuel to store efficiently.

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Below you’re going to find some things I’ve found particularly helpful when it comes to bedtime snacking! Hopefully, you’ll love them too! Most of these healthy late night snacks are tea’s or foods containing tryptophan which will help you catch some shut-eye! The digestive system slows down dramatically when you sleep, so avoid heavy meals and keep it light!

Some tips to live by, and some food/drinks that we think ROCK for bedtime snacking: eat a heavy meal within four hours of going to bed.

  • Never eat a very heavy meal within 4 hours of bedtime!
  • Small snacks and drinks are okay before bed, but eating too much can cause weight gain!
  • Avoid eating too much protein at bedtime.
  • Complex Carbohydrates are good for bedtime.
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Foods We Love for healthy late night Snacking

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is the perfect bedtime snack. The warm broth makes it relaxing, while the chicken and noodles make you nice and tired.

Not to mention, great if you’re not feeling well, as we all know!

White Ayurvedic Teavana Tea

This tea is a great night time fix, and super affordable. It’s a chai tea and it’s super safe for bedtime snacking (low on caffeine) I’m a huge tea fan, so tea’s help me fill up and relax at bedtime, and they’re completely safe for kids too. Mmmmm. What mom does DOESN’T need a little relaxation?

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut butter has that fun previously mentioned tryptophan. It will help you get the shuteye you need, and keep you nice and full. Make sure to use whole wheat bread if you can, it will keep the calories in this bedtime snack down nice and low. For the best results, I’d recommend organics. Preservatives make foods harder for our body to digest naturally, and definitely don’t help with weight loss.

Lavender Dreams Teavana Tea

This extremely fragrant peach flavoured night time tea was specially made using whole resources known to help you relax and fall asleep. I have to say, I’m more of a chai person but I did try this tea and was moderately satisfied. This would be best for those who like light, fruity warm teas before bedtime.

My Healthy Late Night Snacks for EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS

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