How much water do I need daily to lose weight

Many people in order to have a perfect body, will be through a special, extreme diet to achieve a slimming effect, but, in fact, as long as the body has enough water, it can contribute to the body’s metabolism, and further healthy weight loss. This kind of slimming way, many celebrities are implementing, such as the birth of two children still maintain a slim figure of Kun Ling is an example.

Water intake, depending on each person’s age, body type, gender, weight, the nature of the work and different, sports dietitian Xiao Hong (Su Zheng Yu) said that the average person’s basic daily water intake recommended is to multiply their body weight by 30 (unit: c.c.), is the recommended daily water intake.

For example, a person weighing 60 kilograms, the daily recommended amount of water is 60 x 30 = 1800 c.c. However, if you want to use water to lose weight, you need to multiply your weight by 40, as the basic daily water intake. Such as 60 kg of people, you need to drink up to 2400 c.c. of water.

A 500 c.c. water intake is a waste of time!

The human body has an upper limit of water absorption, so it is necessary to drink water in small portions.

On average, the human body can absorb about 200 c.c. of water in 20 minutes, so do not take in water faster than that. Some people pour 500 c.c. at a time in order to achieve their water intake goals, but it’s gone when they go to the bathroom,” Su Zhengyu pointed out, “Drinking water quickly and in large quantities is actually a waste of work.

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It is advisable to keep water at hand in an easily accessible location and take a few sips when you think of it. As for the timing of drinking water, Su Zheng Yu said, as long as you do not drink water before going to bed, affecting sleep is good.

The current nutrition textbooks do not particularly emphasize the temperature of water, although past studies have suggested that the body will burn more calories when drinking ice water, but the difference is actually minimal, plus Chinese medicine does not advocate drinking ice water, so Su Zheng Yu believes that you can choose what you like.

If you don’t like plain water, you have these options

In addition, the food we eat every day contains a lot of water, such as rice, noodle soup, rice, fruits and vegetables, fruit juice, etc., all contain water, are considered to drink water.

So, if you don’t like to drink water, you can also switch to sugar-free, zero-calorie drinks, such as black coffee, tea or lemon juice,” Su Zhengyu pointed out.

For people who have a habit of exercising, Su suggests drinking water at least 30 minutes beforehand. If you want to drink water during exercise, just take 1 or 2 sips.

Will drinking too much water be bad?

Some people are worried that drinking too much water will not cause water intoxication. According to Huang Jiahong, director of the Department of Nephrology at Lin Hsin Hospital, under normal physical conditions, the so-called water toxicity (i.e. hypotonic hyponatremia) requires drinking more than 10 liters of water per day, so people should not worry too much.

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However, in patients with poor kidney function or dialysis, the amount of water intake should be especially careful because the filtration function of the kidney’s nephrons has deteriorated and the amount of water that can be handled has decreased.

Chronic kidney disease has different causes and severity. Patients should discuss with their nephrologist the appropriate amount of water and electrolytes they should consume in order to achieve the right level of physical strength, blood pressure, heart rhythm, breathing and no edema.

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