how to achieve and maintain it naturally

Do you know what your ideal weight is ? In this article we are going to help you discover it and we will show you how to achieve it and maintain it naturally so that you feel comfortable with your body.

Are you comfortable with your physical form? Do you have a good relationship with your body and can you take care of yourself the way you want? Are you feeling fit and energetic?

I personally spent many years of my life before achieving and maintaining my ideal weight. Not that I was excessively overweight before, but those extra pounds for me were a heavy and limiting burden.

I went on a diet several times, using all my willpower.

I joined the gym with all the excitement in the world, an illusion that I lost after a few weeks of boring classes.

When I went out to eat out with my friends, I gave up what I liked because deep down I believed that to lose weight you had to suffer.

All of this did nothing more than nurture an uneasy relationship with food and with my body.

Then there came a day when everything began to change. I was at the beach. At this time the image I had of myself made me feel uncomfortable and did not allow me to fully enjoy the summer. So I started observing the people around me.

Most were lying in the sun, sweating and applying their creams in an attempt to get a perfect tan.

A short distance away, on the shore, a group of children were playing happily in the same sun. Going tan was not their purpose, and yet they looked perfectly tan.

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Then a question quickly came to my head: when do we adults stop playing?

When do we start to believe that everything in life has to be complicated and difficult?

When do we begin to believe that to be in shape it is necessary to suffer?

As I pondered all this, I suddenly thought: what if it wasn’t? What if there was another way? Could we achieve the ideal weight as a natural consequence of enjoying the weight loss process?

In this article I would like you to start considering the possibility that it is possible, because only when we fully enjoy something are we able to achieve extraordinary results. In other words, reaching your ideal weight can be an enjoyable, enriching, and even fun process.

What is my ideal weight?

For starters, forget about scales, a preset number of kilos or sizes. Forget also what society wants you to believe what it is.

Your ideal weight is nothing more than that physical condition that you can maintain throughout your life in a natural way and in which you feel healthy, energetic and comfortable with your body.

The world is full of thin people. I’m not talking about 40-kilo models but about those naturally thin people who don’t suffer to maintain their weight and who aren’t constantly on a diet to stay that way.

What allows them to stay in line, to have a good relationship with food and with their body, depends on their eating habits, their lifestyle and also their way of thinking. Therefore, if you discover the keys to incorporating these elements into your day-to-day life, you too will be able to achieve these results and losing weight will be the natural consequence.

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Today I want to talk to you about modeling , which in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of how people achieve successful results in their lives, and how to copy them so that anyone can obtain similar results.

According to this principle, if you want to obtain a successful result in any activity, observe those who have already achieved it and do the same.

He investigates to discover not only what he has done, but also what he has thought, how he has been motivated, what his beliefs have been regarding what he did.

Then consistently put what you’ve discovered into practice until you get the result you want. So if you imitate (model) naturally thin people, you can achieve your ideal weight.

What do naturally thin people have in common?

After many years of observation and practice, I have come to the conclusion that naturally thin people have some characteristics in common.

✅ A positive attitude : these people are masters of their thoughts and their minds. In this way they can also more easily manage their emotions and stress, recognizing emotional hunger.

✅ They have healthy habits: they recognize the habits that are not very beneficial for their well-being. For this reason they are eliminated and replaced with better ones.

✅ They have a method that allows them to:

  1. Eat healthy and mindful.
  2. Shopping by choosing the best foods to create healthy and tasty menus.
  3. Have a dynamic lifestyle .
  4. And, above all, fully enjoy food, since eating becomes a natural way of taking care of yourself on a daily basis.
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Today I am going to leave you a little exercise to start acting differently , so that you get closer to that person you want to transform yourself into. It consists of answering the following questions:

  1. How would you behave if you had already achieved your ideal weight and you had become a naturally slim person?
  2. How would you change the way you eat and take care of yourself?

Maybe you would stop filling your shopping cart with industrial food or maybe you would start spending more time for yourself, for what you like.

Write down the answers and start putting just one of them into practice for the next 4 weeks. In this way, you will begin to create new habits that support you to achieve your own ideal weight .

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