How to Get Bigger Arms

how to get bigger arms | Best bicep and tricep workouts

You have to know that in order to achieve big arms, there are a lot of ways, the best way is to exert some serious effort in this article, let’s see it.

Alternative health – Effective lifting workout programs won’t mean anything if you don’t have strong and big arms. Of course, who wouldn’t envy people with rippling and big arm muscles? One good thing about sporting big arms is that you will look hot even with a shirt on. The key to achieving this physique is through effective big arm workouts.

You have to know that in order to achieve big arms, expect that you will go through a series of strenuous exercises because it is not easily achieved. Forget squeezing a pair of rubber balls or spring-loaded hand grips as these will not do much for you. The best way is to exert some severe effort of going to the gym to pump some iron.

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The Bicep and the Tricep workouts

In proceeding with your lifting workout programs, you have to be aware beforehand how your big arms muscles work. Since your arm is composed of two muscle groups, the biceps, and the triceps, you have to be particular what type of big arms workouts would be suitable. Make sure to exert effort both in either the push or pull and in the return of the weight to its origin. This two-part movement is essential in order to fully develop both these muscles.

The biceps, located in the front, are very much visible as a two-part muscle when you tighten and curl your arm up. Biceps big arms workouts would entail curling your arms while lifting weights and resisting the load upon its return. The tricep, on the other hand, is located at the back of your arm and when you straighten it, this 3-part muscle would show obviously.

The triceps work out in an opposite manner as compared to the biceps. The bar with weights should be pushed away and resisted on its way to the starting point.

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The Big Arms Workouts

You have to keep in mind that you only need to devote one training day for your lifting workout programs. However, you must totally wear out your muscles in doing your big arm workouts. These would be enough as your biceps and triceps will also get to workout incidentally as you exercise your other muscle groups on separate days.

bicep workouts

Barbell and Dumbbell Curls – Take note that these bicep workouts can be done either sitting or standing. When performing these lifting workout programs, execute the movement in a controlled manner in order for your biceps to feel the workout. The following exercises should be done in 3 sets, 10 repetitions for each set:

  1. Seated, close-grip barbell curl.
  2. Standing, close-grip cheat curl.
  3. Seated, close-grip cheat curl.
  4. Incline, face-forward barbell curl.
  5. Lying face forward on the high bench, barbell curl.
  6. Standing dumbbell curl.
  7. Incline dumbbell curl.
  8. Reverse-grip curl with the easy-curl-bar.
  9. Concentration curls on Scott Bench using easy-curl-bar.
  10. Flat Preacher Bench close-grip curls with easy-curl-bar.

tricep workouts

  1. Tricep presses, curls, and press-downs.
  2. Standing close-grip triceps curls.
  3. Seated close-grip triceps curls.
  4. French press supine on a flat bench.
  5. Supine triceps curl and press.
  6. Reverse-wide-grip bench press.
  7. Standing dumbbell tricep press.
  8. Triceps machine press downs.
  9. Reverse grip triceps press downs.
  10. Standing triceps press using wall pulley.
  11. Bent over triceps extension with wall pulley.

Super Sets

Lifting workout programs such as the Super Sets are only recommended for advanced bodybuilders. Superset is an workout that will give you big arms by alternating the focus on the biceps and tricep. This is meant to give you a shorter workout time but still maximizing the strain on your biceps and tricep muscles. Perform this workout continuously without rest in between each set. Rest for 1 minute before you proceed to the next set.

The Suggested Diet

To compliment your big arms workouts, you must also keep an eye on your calorie intake. Lifting workout programs such as this would be more effective if you pair it with the proper diet. Always make sure that you consume food that has high protein content. Your diet should comprise 25% protein. Aside from that, eat foods that consist of dietary fats as these will help in the metabolism of protein.

To reinforce your diet, supplements would generally help. You may take protein powder, desiccated liver, kelp tablets, and cold-pressed wheat germ oil will also boost your big arms lifting workout programs.

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tricep workouts
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