How to get rid of nasal congestion naturally

Nasal congestion is not a disease in itself, it is the symptom of another disease that must be diagnosed and evaluated to indicate the most appropriate treatment, as it is an unpleasant symptom that affects most of us and occurs when the nasal cavity becomes inflamed. by the presence of germs or allergens, which prevent us from breathing normally causing itching and sneezing.

A stuffy and mucus-filled nose is really uncomfortable and annoying, as it obstructs the nose and it becomes difficult to breathe, affecting our daily activities, it often appears when the flu, an allergy or simply because of a sudden change in temperature, its causes are many and vary, in addition, most people who have a more or less deviated nasal septum are more likely to suffer from these annoying symptoms that sometimes cause headaches, ear and throat.

These are the main causes of nasal congestion


People have different types of allergies, some to dust, others to cold air, pollen, dirt, pet hair, in short, all of these generate inflammation in the nasal mucosa, causing congestion, sneezing, itching and discharge of liquid and clear mucus.


This is an infection caused by the influenza virus that epidemically affects many people and manifests itself, in addition to nasal congestion, with other symptoms such as fever, muscle aches and weakness.


It is an infection caused by a virus and it is the most frequent, it is accompanied by a discharge of transparent mucus, sneezing, mild discomfort and throat discomfort, the symptoms go away on their own in 4 or 7 days, a person may have more than one cold year.

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Climate change

Due to a sudden change in weather our defenses can be lowered or some type of allergy may occur, likewise, nasal congestion can appear immediately after a draft.

These practical natural remedies will relieve you of nasal congestion in seconds

There are a variety of congestion medications on the market, but natural remedies are also effective in relieving this uncomfortable congestion.


Vaporizers to relieve congested sinuses, can be effective if done the right way, they help relieve congestion by adding moisture to the air which helps to thin the mucus in the nose so it is easier to clear it.

In a container, place water to boil and leave until steam appears continuously, once it is generated, remove the container and let it rest for a few minutes, then we will put a towel on our face and close our eyes to start trying to breathe The steam, this, will help us to remove the discomfort of nasal congestion and if you wish you can add some eucalyptus leaves in the container and breathe its steam, it will help us to remove the discomfort and decongest the nose and respiratory tract.


Peel a raw garlic clove, chop and chew it, perform this remedy several times a day and mainly before sleeping, since in a horizontal position the nose tends to become more congested.

Hot or cold compresses to the sinuses

Another way to relieve congestion naturally is by applying hot or cold compresses to your sinuses to help relieve congestion, this is undoubtedly a relaxing activity that will make you feel better.

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Sea salt water

Cleaning with sea salt provides temporary relief in obstructions by reducing the time of recurrence of mucus, apply with a syringe a few drops of water with sea salt directly on the nasal passages, it will help to reduce inflammation of the nasal tissues, facilitating their breathing.

Drink fluids

Especially water is of great help to dissolve mucus and lighten its texture, favoring its expulsion.

Remember that eating a healthy diet before, during and after any eventuality in your health is the closest and most effective help you have to prevent diseases.

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