How to have a positive attitude in the process of getting pregnant

Since she was little, Esther had always dreamed of being a mother. So when she decided that the time had come, she began to prepare both physically and mentally for the process of becoming pregnant. If you follow Esther on social media (@esthercorb on Instagram), you will have seen that, despite the difficulties, she always manages to maintain a positive attitude. We chat with her hand in hand with Femibion!

How to have a positive attitude in the process of getting pregnant

Importance of having a positive attitude when getting pregnant

Esther is one of those people who fill you with positive energy just by chatting with her for a while. Optimism and enthusiasm emerge from her words and, as she has told us, this attitude helped her a lot in the process of becoming pregnant.

The pregnancy did not come as quickly as she would have liked, but she always tried to control her thoughts and turn them into positive ones. ‘I was clear that I was going to get pregnant sooner or later. I didn’t know when exactly I was going to conceive my baby, but I was going to get it. I was trying to think that if it didn’t come that month, it would come the next, ‘Esther explained to us.

She worked the fact displayed while pregnant, taking her baby in her arms … As a result, he enjoyed a little more planning and design process, even though it was long.

Having this in mind helped her feel strong, but also knew that she was preparing her body to be in the best condition to conceive.

Other things to keep in mind when getting pregnant

In addition to maintaining a positive attitude, Esther also considered other types of care when preparing to become a mother. She was well aware that in order to get pregnant, she had to make sure that her body was in top condition. So she made some changes to her habits to make herself feel better:

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– Eating a healthy diet

Esther confesses that she has always led a healthy lifestyle: she likes to take care of herself because it helps her feel good. However, when she decided to get pregnant, she was even more careful to ensure that her diet was balanced and healthy. In addition, he reduced or eliminated harmful habits such as drinking alcohol.

– Staying physically active

Within her intention to lead a healthy life, Esther knew that it was very important to exercise (always adapted to the needs of women). In addition, since her midwife told her that environmental pollution did not benefit her health, she often tried to escape into nature. Even today, she enjoys taking walks in the park with her baby Estrella.

– Living in a quiet environment

At the time she decided to become pregnant she tried to encourage a calm and quiet environment at home. Stress out!

Femibion accompanies you from the planning stage of pregnancy.

As a complement to this healthy lifestyle, Esther started taking Femibion ​​1 the moment she decided, together with her partner, that they wanted to have a baby. It is a dietary supplement developed to support the special needs of women and babies from pregnancy planning until the 12th week of gestation.

Esther started using Femibion ​​because she knew the importance of taking care of nutrition both before and during pregnancy. All to help the baby get the best start in life. And all this as a complement to that healthy lifestyle that Esther defends outright.