How to have beautiful feet: Tips for Healthy, Sexy Feet

How to have beautiful feet?

When the sunny days are about to arrive, and we are about to take out the sandals and flip-flops, we often wonder how to have beautiful feet. In winter, the beauty of our feet is often neglected as they spend most of their time hidden in socks and shoes, but it’s best to follow these tips for beautiful feet all year round!

Here are a few simple tips to take care of your feet naturally!

How to have beautiful feet

1) Wash your feet daily

It seems obvious, but it’s important to remember that foot hygiene is the basis for beautiful feet and, above all, to avoid problems: infections, odors, etc. To keep your feet clean, wash them every day with a natural soap or an organic shower gel as they have gentler formulas for the skin, without potentially toxic synthetic substances, and you can also benefit from their natural active ingredients to care for the skin of your feet. After washing them, we recommend drying them properly to avoid the appearance of mycosis (especially between the toes).

2)Remove dead skin

For beautiful feet, it is advisable to regularly exfoliate your feet with an organic body scrub or a natural bar to remove rough skin. By rubbing gently, you will be able to remove calluses that are usually located in the rubbing areas (heels and toes). After exfoliation, your feet will feel softer.

3)Moisturize your feet every day

Moisturizing is an important step for beautiful feet. To do this, we recommend using an organic foot cream, a pure vegetable oil or an organic shea butter. These beauty care products contain specific ingredients to soften and nourish the skin, providing all the necessary properties for beautiful feet.

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4)Massage your feet

Massaging your feet improves circulation and prevents swelling. You can take advantage of the hydration step to perform this massage, or do it at night before going to bed. If you feel your legs heavy, you can take advantage to massage them with the Santiago-de-Compostela Organic Poppy cream perfect to relax, moisturize and refresh, all while stimulating blood circulation.

5) Cut your nails correctly

To avoid ingrown nails, it is preferable to cut your nails straight, avoiding cutting in the corners. You have to cut them neither too short nor too long.

How to have beautiful feet

6) Wear comfortable shoes

Choose shoes that are not too narrow and opt for open shoes when it is hot. It is also recommended to change shoes on a regular basis to avoid the rubbing area always being in the same place.

7) Avoid bad odors

Having beautiful feet also means feet that don’t smell bad! If your feet tend to sweat a lot, we recommend using Wassy DeoBody’s alum powder foot deodorant.

8) Check the condition of your feet

Regularly examine your feet to detect the presence of cuts, blisters, swelling, redness, cracks, etc. as soon as possible. The sooner you cure the problem, the better. Some specific care products offer a special formula for damaged skin, such as Alphanova Repair’s Extrême Repair bio-crack care or Matarrania’s ecological repair care for elbows and heels. Keep in mind that if you don’t pay enough attention to the state of your feet, they can quickly become infected.

9) Protect your feet from the sun

During the summer, you enthusiastically take out your sandals and flip-flops, but don’t forget the importance of protecting the skin on your feet from the sun. For beautiful feet and to avoid redness (or burns), we recommend using an ORGANIC sunscreen and applying it before going out.

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10) Avoid toxic substances

To have beautiful feet, you can also make them up! To do this, we recommend choosing natural polishes, with at least the “four-free” designation. We remind you that there are many toxic substances in nail polish, so it is important to read the composition before buying it.

So, are you ready for beautiful feet?